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Everything Men Should Know About Buying Shoes

Shoes convey the personality of the wearer. According to a study published in the Journal of Research in personality in 2012, 90% of people’s personality is reflected in their shoes. What does this research demand from men? The answer to this question is quite Obvious. We men should invest the time and money in our shoes rather than clothes and other accessories.

Knowing the significance of shoes in men’s lives, you might get anxious to know how to buy a perfect pair. This article is an effort to satisfy this quest and I will try my best to provide you an in-depth knowledge about men’s shoes. To begin with let’s have a look on what types of shoes are available there in the market?


  • Sneakers: Also known as Athletic shoes, these are designed specifically for sports and physical activities.
  • Derbies: These shoes are characterized by eyelets sewn at the uppers owing to construction system of open lacing. These are used with formal suits as well as casual outfits.
  • Brogue: Having its origin in marshy bogs of Ireland, this low heeled shoe is characterized by perforations at the upper. These decorative perforations remind of the original shoes with real holes for draining out the water.
  • Loafers: These are shoes without lace or a fastening system. They can be used both as casual and dress shoes.
  • Oxfords: These shoes originated in Ireland and Scotland but owe their popularity to Oxford University, where these were worn by rebel students.
  • Espadrilles: These lightweight and robust shoes are made from canvas (used on upper) and a flexible esparto rope (Used for sole).These are ideal for warm weather.

Tips to Buy Men Shoes:

Buying men shoes require certain points to be checked before finally selecting a pair. Here are some practical shopping tips for your next purchase:

Check Fit and Comfort:

Fit of the shoe is very important factor in selection. No matter how aesthetic and stylish a pair of shoes look, it is mere waste if it does not fit properly. Always select a shoe which give you enough space for movement of feet inside. A very tight shoe will be discomforting. Following points must be taken care of:

  • Check both for length and width.
  • There must be sufficient space for toe to move.
  • In case of heels a firm support is must.

Trial is Must-Try Both Shoes:

One should make a try and it must always be for both the shoes. The logic behind this is the difference in size of feet in right and left handed people. The right handed persons have a dominant right feet which is bigger than the left one and vice, opposite to left handed people that have a bigger left foot. Since you are going to use the shoes for a foreseeable future, it is therefore necessary to try it consciously and thoroughly.

While purchasing shoes from brick and mortar store always try shoes having worn the socks.

Select The Right Type:

You should be very clear about your requirement and that will determine the type of shoe you ought to purchase.

  • If you need shoes for strictly formal wearing, like boardroom meetings, high-end events, official conferences, and parties, then you should select Oxford or Derbies.
  • Loafers and Brogues will be perfect choice for a semi-formal look.
  • For casual wearing select canvas shoes that work well with jeans and shorts.


The quality is one factor which determines durability of shoes. Since one can’t afford to waste money on a poor quality shoes a thorough quality check must be carried out before buying a pair. Following are check points which should not be missed:

  • Stitching. It should be subtle, strong and neat.
  • Finish: There should be no scars or blemishes on its surface.
  • Material: The bad quality shoes use plastic, low grade leather and flimsy suede. For casual shoes, prefer full grain leather that is breathable and long lasting. Don’t buy boded leather shoes, because this is corrected leather and is mixed with plastic and chemicals and thus leave creases on the upper.

Shop & Save:

You don’t need to break the bank for buying a quality and stylish pair of shoes. I understand there is Avast majority of shoppers that can’t afford expensive high–end shoes because of their budgetary constraints. Many of them are on a shoestring budget. There are many saving options, offering frugal quality shoes. You can try one or more from the following:

  • Grab quality shoes on discounts from clearance sale.
  • Browse internet for promo/coupon codes for enticing deals both directly from brands and manufacturers sites as well as trusted coupon websites.
  • Shopping holiday’s sales (Black Friday, Father’s Day etc.) prove real money saving events and provide very good opportunities to refresh your shoes inventory.
  • Keep an eye on store wide discount offers and special promotions. You can grab some quality stuff at a fraction of regular price.

Men’s Shoe For Seasons:

Whether it is sultry summer or frigid winter, you need a functional yet stylish pair of shoes to cope both weather and style. Let’s check out what types of shoes will best suit you in each season:


You need a lightweight and breathable shoe for summer. Starting from flip flops for beach and swimming pool to white and slip-on sneakers for running around, you have many options for your summer shoe collection. A Linen Oxford also works well when it is sizzling out. Choose light colors with this soft fabric and you will be comfortable all day long.


In winter one should select a pair of warm, comfortable and waterproof shoes. There are lightweight varieties which make walking through the snow a breeze. The pull-on and high length muck boots are the best high performance cold weather boots. Chukka boots, derbies and Bluchers are also used commonly in winter. Try out one with proper insulation.


Winter is characterized with warmth along with sunshine and no slipping on ice. The slides are the best sandal options. Select a plain white or black being versatile and soothing. Since spring time is still cold enough a high-Top sneaker will still work well for comfortable walk. For beach situations, try canvas Espadrilles for ease and versatility.


Chukka boots with cushioned foot beds provide unmatched comfort this season. Alternatively you can wear rugged lace-up boots with hand sewn construction. Sneakers, being year-round footwear is also a fall-essential that help you making maximum style with versatility.

Shoe Style Rules:

All the men out there seeking elegance and desiring to make a style statement! There are certain rules endorsed by experts that help you style with your shoes and look great. Check them out:

  • Wear shoes that are darker than your pants.
  • The belt and shoes should match.
  • Don’t wear flip flops at work.
  • A Canvas sneakers will always pair excellent with a right pair of jeans.
  • Don’t mix black with brown. That means avoid using brown shoes with a black suit.
  • As a general rule for men’s fashion the more your shoes contrast your clothing the better.

Published on: December 01, 2021

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