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What is EMUCoupon?

EMUCoupon is a community of smart online shoppers. We promote discounts, promo codes, and coupons for retail and digital products. While we operate from Australia, our reach has expanded to Europe, the Americas, and Asia as well. EMUCoupon has sitewide discounts, BOGO deals, free shipping vouchers, and everything else smart shoppers need to save money. 

The Origin Of EMUCoupon By The Individual Who Created It

I moved to Australia from Boston after enrolling at the University of Queensland. It was like moving to a different reality. I knew Australia was the land of kangaroos, giant deadly spiders, and something named Quokka.

But it wasn’t these strange creatures that surprised me the most. The biggest cultural shock for me was learning just how expensive everything was in the country.

As a student, I found it extremely hard to afford barely anything so I decided to bring out an old weapon from my arsenal; coupons.

My Iffy Experience With Coupons in Australia

I love coupons. Back in the states, I wouldn’t buy something as little as toothpaste without going online, looking for coupons, and getting some sort of discount. So why not do the same in Australia? Turns out that things aren’t as simple here in the Down Under. 

It was the end of the semester and I was looking to upgrade my wardrobe. Searching for coupons and deals online here wasn’t easy. This search took me to places I have never been; such as the second page of Google and in some moments of desperation, the dreaded third page. 

After searching long and hard, I was finally able to find some coupons for a local clothing store. So I sat down, calculated the discounts, made a shopping list, printed out coupons, and went straight to the store. 

Everything was going went well until I reached the checkout. I can’t forget the moment the salesperson told me the coupons were expired. There were people standing behind me in the line watching me get embarrassed. 

I even heard a few chuckles as the salesperson put away some of the skirts and blouses that I had bought. I left that store with only two items on my list and everlasting humiliating memory.

EMUCoupon is Born

They say every cloud has a silver lining. While my first experience with coupons in Australia was terrible, it gave me the idea for a business. The light bulb went off my head as I ask myself; there must be other discount-seekers in the country other than me?

And hence EMUCoupon was born. I had previously discussed starting a business with my fellow students but we always envisioned founding a marketing agency. However, I knew that there was a major gap in the Australian coupon market that we can fill.

We named it EMUCoupon because emus are a symbol of resistance in Australia. They have practically won a war against the country’s army. And we want online shoppers to channel the spirit of this resilient animal as they seek discounts and coupons on their shopping.

EMUCoupon acts as a bridge between online shoppers and small eCommerce businesses. We help hundreds of retailers increase their sales and provide money-saving opportunities to thousands of buyers every day. And while we started from Australia, we now serve countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

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