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Everything to Know About Senior Discounts this Halloween

Halloween is a holiday that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages. No matter what age you are, Halloween allows you to have a little fun by pretending to be someone you aren't. 

Senior discounts are everywhere and this is an excellent way to maintain your budget on Halloween and enjoy the advantages of growing older.  If you can think of something, there's a good chance you'll be able to get a discount on it!

These come in a variety of forms, with some starting as early as age 50. The size of the discounts varies as well, with 10% being the average.

Here are some options for seniors to save their money on Halloween:

Movie Tickets: 

If you want to go for a movie on the Halloween holiday, the majority of senior discounts at movie theatres begin around the age of 60 or 62, At most AMC Theatres, seniors 60 and above can save up to 30% on normal admission and up to 60% on Tuesday Senior Days at select locations. However, some have extended the discount to individuals as 50 or 55. 

Retail Shopping: 

Surprisingly, it was determined that only 7% took advantage of discounts while shopping. Although not especially for the over 60s, some big garden centers, such as Dobbies, offer a paid subscription that includes 10% discount and a monthly free hot drink.


Many airlines provide older discounts. Customers 65 and older can take advantage of senior fares to several destinations. When making a reservation over the phone, inquire about senior fares. Instead of selecting "1 Adult" under "Travelers," use the Seniors “65+” group when booking a ticket.

Discounts on Live Entertainment:

Do you enjoy going to plays, concerts, comedy shows, and other types of live entertainment? Senior citizen tickets are available at a discounted price at most symphonies, playhouses, and other entertainment venues.

How to Find Senior Discounts:

Asking if a store gives a senior discount is the best way to find out. Although the information on stores that provide lower prices for seniors can be found online, discount availability and age requirements vary by location, so it's best to ask at the store.

Pay attention to announcements put in store windows, as some stores will post fliers announcing special "Senior Days" when discounts are available. Senior friends can also be useful sources of information.

Requirements for a Senior Citizen Discount?

The Senior Citizen ID is a form of identification that allows the elders to have more freedom and convenience. Discounts, tax breaks, medical help, and financial aid are all available to them. All of these are to help them survive in society.

In the Philippines:

  1. Citizens must be 60 years older.
  2. They must be a resident of their city for at least 6 months before applying
  3. They must be citizens of the Philippines.

Some best Senior Citizen Discounts:

Senior citizens have mostly no income, rely on social security and savings to get by as such. During this time of life, it's important to find savings to help you afford your lifestyle.

  • Programs for Senior Citizens: 

If you’re struggling with paying for your medication mortgage or groceries, some government programs will help you financially. The American Association of Retired Persons, also known as AARP can help seniors find and qualify for several benefits programs that will help them cover the cost of everyday expenses. 

The National Council of Aging has a search tool named “benefits checkup” that lets seniors look for health insurance, medication, home utilities, and food.

  • Discounts for Eating Out: 

Many restaurants provide discounts to senior citizens. It's important to be aware of these offers as restaurant staff may not always inform you. The best seniors deals at Applebee’s, Kara’s, RV’s, Macdonald’s, and many more give you discounts just for being a senior citizen. 

You can save a lot on food by eating at places that offer discounts to senior citizens.

  • Hotel and Resorts: 

Take advantage of the hotel's unique offer. If the senior (or AARP) pricing isn't listed on the hotel website, call customer service before booking a room. Over 50 hotels and resorts are discounted by AARP.

While these deals are subject to availability and may change based on the time of year, it's always worthwhile to inquire about the hotel's best deal.

  • Education Opportunities: 

Free lessons or training are all available to seniors in the form of reduced costs, tax credits, scholarships, and, in certain cases. The availability, however, may differ from one location to the next.  Individual seniors may be considered for certain grants or scholarships depending on their income, talent level, or other factors.

  • Technology Discounts:

For clients who are 55 years old or older, Castle Ink offers a 15% discount on laser toner and printer ink cartridges. 

T-Mobile offers special data deals for seniors aged 55 and up. Choose from three different plans: Essentials Unlimited 55+, Magenta Unlimited 55+, and Magenta Unlimited 55+ Plus.

Verizon Wireless that cost $60 for one line and $80 for two lines for customers aged 55 and up can use it for a month.

Discount on different Events for Senior Citizens: 

Seniors on a budget can take advantage of discounts on clothing, mobility devices, technology, household goods, and more during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Halloween, Christmas, and National Senior Citizen Day.

The entire public may take advantage of some of the best offers that brands and retailers have to offer, and senior citizen discounts are especially plentiful at this time of year.

Considering  the COVID-19 pandemic, many seniors will choose to stay at home this year rather than face the crowded mall but online shopping is the best option to get the deals. 


If you're 60 or older, you can take advantage of the Senior Discount on any holiday. The discounts can add up and save  money for traveling to see family, buying gifts for loved ones, and preparing holiday feasts. Fortunately, many businesses, food companies, airlines, and other organizations provide senior discounts, making the holidays more affordable.

Published on: December 01, 2021

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