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Holiday Sales 2021: What to Expect and What to Do

The year 2020 changed shopping and shifted the trend towards eCommerce.  Compared to last year holiday shopping trends and sales can grow 7% this year. Lack of workers and Covid outbreaks all over the world may make it difficult to get items from shops and consumer homes, but at the same time, Covid-19 has changed the way people shop, buy and discover.

Some retailers have the same expectations: Home Depot shows an indicator “that customers may have a big appetite for Christmas decoration”.

Holiday Shopping Predictions for 2021

It’s time to take a look at Holiday shopping predictions for 2021 and what retailers have to be prepared for:


  1. Holiday shopping will be starting early:

In America, the 2020 holiday shopping season started in mid-October. Businesses were already spreading out the Black Friday Deals, mostly these occurred throughout October and November. Given the enormous success of the change, this trend will be happening this year as well. Customers will do their shopping earlier to beat the crowd. 

  2. Shoppers Use BOPIS:

Due to the Covid situation, concern about health and safety forced many retailers to provide a click and collect options like BOPIS. This trend has increased in popularity because of lockdown. According to Statista, this growth rate will rise 10% this year. After doing a customer survey, the National Retail Federation found that BOPIS improved the customer experience by 70% by expanding convenience, and no doubt that BOPIS and BOPAC will be game-changers in this upcoming Christmas shopping season 2021. 

Statistics show that  Christmas 2020 in Australia was the largest on record. Discount events in Australia enable huge scores by taking advantage of multiple online sales. During the second half of November and the entire month of December, Australian shoppers spent more than $55 billion in retail sales.

  3. Buyer Wants Free Shipping:

Everyone wants to save money. A famous brand like Amazon gives free shipping to its customers. Customers get more attracted to the free shipping.  When resellers charge shipping $10, $20, and even $30 on a product, customers like to leave their carts.

In the upcoming season, it’s important for brands and sellers to search for solutions to decrease the shipping cost to zero.

  4. Shopper Want Easy Return:

Every year customers flood stores and are anxious to exchange or return the items. The customer service representative receives a lot of messages and calls in a day. One thing that isn’t guaranteed is the ease and expense of the return procedure. Sometimes it’s agonizing for everyone to be involved and sometimes it’s free and effortless. In this upcoming season, Brands should make sure their return process falls into a former category otherwise they will lose the customers after the holiday season.

  5. People Purchase More On Mobile:

Mobile sales are predicted to account for 72.9% of E-commerce sales. Your brand website should be user-friendly for customers because they expect an appropriate mobile shopping experience from your brand. You’ve to make sure that your brand’s website and social media accounts should be used properly, especially in holiday sales. 

Mobile massage is a great way to add value to customers with real-time updates like discounts, shipping, product recommendation, and promotional messages. Mobile messages rates are 5 times higher than email because people feel easy to use mobile sites. 

Here are some tips to increase Holiday Sales in 2021

People buy things without thinking too much, you just have to use this opportunity to increase profits and boost holiday sales.

  1. Be Covid Aware:

Everything has changed because of COVID-19 like our daily routine, study, professional life, and shopping style, if you’re a businessman try to keep your customers safe.

  • Show your concern about the customer's health.
  • Suggest customers use credit or debit cards for transactions to avoid physical touch.
  • Add item filters that help customers sort items according to their safety.

    2. Support Customer Segmentation:

This audience segmentation is a process where you can divide your customers into different characteristics based on their location or gender. By doing segments you have a good chance of conversion or sales and you can provide that content in which they’re interested.

  • Use tools to segment your customer.
  • Create content as per the customer stage to move down in the sales pipeline.
  • Create an email marketing campaign based on the characteristics of customers.

    3. Display Your Top-selling Product:  

Your top-selling product is the customer’s best-loved. They will buy them throughout the year. If you keep these products on top they will check them or maybe purchase them.

  • Display most running products on the website’s main page.
  • Pitch the top-selling product through emails.
  • Make sure it should be easily accessible for every customer.

     4. Analyze Your Previous Data To Avoid Mistakes:

If you don’t repeat your mistakes you’ll become better. If you’ve done some errors in the past it’s better to avoid them. To fix the previous errors users will not nod off your website and this will help you to increase conversion rate and also Christmas online sales.

  • Review your previous data on Google Search Console.
  • Check out scroll maps to know what’s driving your visitor away.
  • Fix what things were inaccurate for your business last year like converting ads, marketing a product, and so on.


That’s it for Christmas sale prediction 2021, we hope you consider this data and prediction for 2021 to improve your business plan. No doubt the 2021 season will come with a customer online shopping experience. This year sellers have their work cut out with them with an extended shopping season. 

Planning and preparation are the top two benefits retailers need for a successful holiday shopping season. It’s essential to show concern toward customers for their safety and it’s also important to remember that shopping trends and E-commerce are constantly changing. Successful brands will be those who understand the worldwide trends and always apply the new creation, technology, and customer preferences.

Published on: January 05, 2022

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