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How to Get Customers to Avail Your Offers through Social Media

Wondering how to power-struck the marketing campaign and revenue generation of your brand? Coupons codes are the answer to your call. According to the latest coupon statistics, there were more than a billion coupon users in 2020. However, using the right techniques matter to maneuver your campaign in the right direction. 

To understand how coupons and discounts work, one has to examine them from the historical perspective or you can use them for different stores.

Back in 1887, Coca-Cola offered a discount to its customers and set a new trend in the market. The very first coupon ever offered was the "redeemable for a free glass of coke." What's amazing is the science behind the discounts that still work today. When customers get discounts it releases oxytocin which stimulates the endorphin hormone that makes them happy. In this way, they get automatically and psychologically attracted to the brand, and a strong relationship is built eventually.

Ways to Make Consumers Avail Your Offers

Now, that the ball is in your court you have to ensure sustainability and consistency. You have to maintain a healthy relationship with your customers thereby forming a stable and progressive sales funnel.

Here you are going to discover some actionable tricks to make your promo code marketing more effective to harness better and faster growth. So, read on!

1.   Adopt a Thoughtful Approach

You need to be a bit cunning to shape your marketing campaign. Here is an example of ALDI, a supermarket in Australia.

In its commercial, it guided customers not to run after the one-off discounts instead buy groceries to save more on every item.
They have portrayed a smart approach to garner attention by spreading awareness and guiding their customers. In an attention-grabbing ad, they indulged their buyers and offered them something better.

2.   Keep a Close Watch On Your Target Audience

Step close to your audience and to your prospective customers. You need to actively monitor their feedback and perspectives to create a profitable campaign.

To offer discounts you need to have an idea of what's happening in the market. You need to know the touchpoints to efficiently reach out to your audience.

Tools like Social Mention can help you track. You can type in different phrases related to your business and ponder on searches; get updated about the market insights and calculate your next move. For instance, type in website recommendations and you will find those users who are discussing your brand in favor or against it. It's like a speedy analysis provider.

3.   Create Attractive Offers

The secret to powerful marketing is to stay consistent and active. You need to follow every happening and event and come up with a suitable discount like.

Flash sales are a widely followed trick as it generates FOMO- fear of missing out among the audience. The limited-time offers create a sense of urgency that encourages customers to buy things that they didn't plan to grab in the first place. It’s a concept of impulsive buying.

In the right top area, there is a corner indicating the number of buyers who opted for the offer. This small indicator which takes not much space on the ad holds great significance. It is enough to motivate viewers to opt for the offer. It creates deep-discount sales that make viewers think what they are getting is good.

4.   Introduce Email Marketing

Utilize the power of emails to engage your customers. You can offer coupons through emails to make your customers feel more valued. You can keep a check on frequently buying customers, create a separate group to connect with them. Through emails send targeted coupons and divert the traffic to your brand. Emails will help create a progressive lead funnel and will bring in highly qualified leads.

Rather Be Shopping has found over 17 websites that offer coupons through emails to their customers. The new thing ins their strategy is to engage and motivate those customers who have filled their cart but left it unattended. So, to make them proceed to checkout they send discounted deals. This way their customers get enthusiastic to purchase stuff. Brands like Bed Bath & Beyond are a part of that list too.

5.   Create a Social Media Contest

Here is a post from Expedia that looks so interesting that anyone least bothered by their service would get interested to grab their offer.

They have created a contest on social media where viewers get inclined to participate. At a cost of $250, they gathered huge traffic of prospective leads. This is a strategic move to increase brand awareness and expand clientele. Kontestapp, based on its survey, concluded that one out three participants continue to indulge in the brand's activity even after the contest ends.

With little initiative, you can grab more leads and engage your followers more effectively. As per the research, a contest involving $1000 prizes receives over 5.8% per 100 followers’ engagements. Not only this, 33% of participants get inclined to learn more about the brand.

6.   Opt For Paid Social Media Ads

Do you that over 53% of consumers on social media claims to buy from a brand after viewing their ads? Paid ads open a new window to engage the target audience. Furthermore, around 86% of Americans believe maintaining transparency on social media is vital to creating a smooth clinical.

Pondering over the market insights, offering discounts such as through paid ads can be an incredible move for brands. It will help them persuade their audience thereby accelerating lead generation. However, you need to trigger emotions by presenting your brand and its offer in a problem-solving manner. You need to address the common issues your customers are encountering and how your offer is the best one to grab. Adding more value to your content, do not simply brag about your service instead explain and guide your viewers about its benefits.

7.   Follow Optimization Techniques

Better reach is equally important in the world of digital marketing. Optimizing your post would help you speed up the outcomes. Use relevant hashtags and create one of your brands as well. IN this way, anybody searching for relevant services would be able to access your posts. Any platform you choose whether Facebook or Twitter, they are backed with AI-integrated bots that ensure to provide targeted search results to its users.

Making the most of the technology, you can introduce hashtags in your posts and gain an accelerated online reach. Even if you post visuals better not forget to add some hashtags to make the post more targeted and relevant as its proliferation is truly remarkable. Some of the most important and commonly used promo codes include #deals #promotion, #sale.

8.   Customer Care

Another factor that helps a large number of customers avail of the discount is excellent customer service. Always remember that happy customers are the best kind of marketing. To use promo codes and make shopping through social media a pleasant experience – but only in a positive way. Answer the client queries as soon as possible! Forrester’s study shows, If their questions or complaints are not swiftly resolved, 45% of US clients will quit an online transaction.

This means that if you want your customers to avail the offers, you must reply to each and every query and comment promptly because quick reactions are critical to success in this scenario.

9.   Make a Strategy to Provide Discounts and Upgrades for Social Media Check-ins 

Offering discounts or upgrades for checking in and mentioning your company on social media during a visit is another strategy to encourage people to do so. Offer incentives and promotions in exchange for customers informing their social media followers that they are in your company. Make sure that each buyer is aware of your offer.

10.   Add Timeliness Coupons

On your Instagram and Facebook stories, post a 24-hour-only coupon! This provides a sense of urgency, timeliness, and the perfect combination for virality. When you ask a follower to share a good bargain, you enhance your exposure, engagement, and branding efforts.

There are literally thousands of other offers and sponsored advertising on people's feeds, so be inventive and innovative.


One thing every brand has to follow is to keep a uniform tone and style in every post. Your color selection, design and content tone all reflect your brand equity. If you keep things aligned to it, it will help leave imprints on the customer's mind that will create a long-lasting impact on your sales and clientele. Make use of every platform, delve deeper into the market and extract information that can let you create profitable offers.

Published on: September 01, 2022

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