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7 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Budget Under $10,000

Planning a wedding on a budget is as hard as finding your soul-mate to spend your entire life with. From booze to photography, wedding dresses and cake, everything has to be on point to make the celebration even more special. I wanted the same when I proposed to my girlfriend. We had been in a relationship for well over 6 months and we knew instantly that we had to make it official and become man and wife. 

I had already seen my friends spending all of their savings and going under debt to have an extravagant wedding and that did put me under a lot of stress. So me and wife sat down and agreed on the fact that we don’t want to spend all of our savings on a one day venture when we can travel around the world or at least the country. 

Now to plan a wedding in Australia, you need an average of $25,000 for hiring a planner and other shenanigans. Having known this we were very clear that our life savings can come in hand during our honeymoon or the down payment of the apartment in Melbourne I had my eyes upon. In short we decided to get married under $10,000. Shocking, right? Not so if you plan it out. So here is how I and wife managed our big day economically. 

1.  Get Your Lawn Mowed

Now it is pretty evident that wedding reception taking place in private studios or on farm houses are pretty expensive and the leave a big mark on your bank account too. Now as we already had agreed to cut them expenses down so instead of kissing my misses on the oceans or the top of the opera house we decided we do it here. My mom and dad have a huge farm just of Melbourne. Now some of you might not have that luxury available but you can always contact a relative or close friend with an accommodating backyard or a lawn.

Booking a venue for marriage in Australia takes up around $3000. Moreover, catering charges depend upon the number of guests invited and menu you decide. So by choosing our farm as our wedding venue we saved a dead $3000.

2.  Google Your Floral Arrangements: 

Now with the choice of venue is out of the way it was the time to choose floral arrangements for our big day. Professional florists were far too expensive for us. Majority of them charged us with $1000 for quiet simple flower arrangements. To spend that much on flowers didn’t make any sense to us. So we decided to contact local vendors who were a lot cheaper and had an excellent variety. We pinned thousands of ideas on Pinterest and after a couple hours we knew what we wanted. Of course it did take some time to search the right one out but it saved us a lot of dollars and hassle. 

We found a good vendor who decided to charge us $450 for flower arrangement. Crazy! Right? We paid him $600 to make sure everything is right on point. The lesson to learn here is to never to go for the florist with a French name who charges you nothing less than $1200. Find a local florist and discuss your ideas with him. 

3.  Dress And Decor 

I won’t lie this had me worried. Finding the right dress on a budget for both the bride and the groom is a hassle. We didn’t go for any upmarket brand like majority of the couples do. We decided to get bride’s dress tailored from a local designer. It took us a month to look for ideas and inspirations. 

Once we decided how the dress should look, we chose an affordable fabric that looks expensive. We took it to the tailor and he designed the exact same silhouette originally offered for $2500 within just $1300. For myself I rented a tux for $300 because I know I won’t be wearing them a lot. 

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4.  Home Bakers

You can’t have a wedding without a cake now can you? An average cake costs $550 in Melbourne which is alright to some people. We contacted a local bakery and inquired about the charges. The difference wasn’t that great but it was still enough for us as we could use the saved money for something else. So we got the cake for $250 and it wasn’t at all bad. The additional dressings cost us $100. So the total amount was $350.

Another easy way is to ask around your mates there are several people who are hobby bakers and would do you wonders for an affordable rate. 

5.  Catering  And Music

The only thing remaining that could cost us overtly was the catering. The absolute best way to ensure that you don’t go out of your pocket is to finalize the guest list as early as possible. Keep it as short as possible. For us, it was only our immediate families, some colleagues and a couple of close friends. The catering company we contacted offered to plan the entire the event for us. Since, we already had everything planned out, we were looking for a company that would only cover us for catering services and reception dinner. 

We finalized a company which agreed to cater our wedding for $1450 with exclusive services from food to beverages and tables. Now it was time to plan our wedding music. Since we didn’t wanted Blues, or Jazz so we hired a DJ with a music system and paid him $300 for the event. The kid was a student and was happy making extra cash. 

6.  Photography And Videography

Now comes the part that we were the most excited about “wedding photos and videos”. Nowadays there are various production houses in Australia that specialize in wedding shoots and are expensive to afford. A professional wedding photographer charges nothing less than $2500.

We couldn’t spend that much on photography therefore we started looking for young professionals starting out in the field of photography looking for work. Don’t worry you will find plenty on Instagram, all it takes is a careful research and a clear idea of your budget. We got a young university graduate who did photography as a hobby. The entire package cost us $1000 including the videography and edit.  This brought us to half our budget $5300.

7.  Miscellaneous 

Once everything was done, all that left was hair and makeup. My wife got a bride discount on her hair styling which cost us $180. Her wedding makeup was done from the same salon for $220. Our wedding invitations were designed by a graphic designing student who charged us $300 for his services. We didn’t get our invitations printed. We sent them out online which cost us nothing. Oh and I almost forgot about the rings which cost us $1000. 

So we spent $7000 on our wedding in total. With a little research we made sure that everything looks expensive yet being on budget. Don’t feel ashamed if you cannot afford a wedding as grand as your neighbor or mate, wedding is not about the day it’s about the life ahead. So save a few bucks and plan ahead. Many stores offer special discount for wedding. You can avail up to 50% discount through Shouz Discount Code on different varieties of shoes.

Published on: December 16, 2019

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