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How Can I Save On My Next Online Purchase?

Have you ever come across an online ad that instantly puts you in the mood to shop? Because same. You are browsing peacefully and suddenly an ad displaying the pair of shoes you looked online on the weekend pops up. You would instantly get distracted and deep inside you would want to get your hands on that pair of shoes.

With the advent of technology, the online businesses clearly know what their intended audience wants. They learn from your online behavior and come up with the ways to lure them into buying more. It is more like a stealth shopping mousetrap that brands use to nudge the interested audience towards their shopping carts. Don’t fall victim to the marketing tactics of these brands. 
If you are an online shopping addict and are afraid that you will end up spending hundreds of dollar over unnecessary items, then this article is for you. We will help you save more while you shop online. 

Saving money while shopping online: 

If you desperately want to keep you online spending under control, then follow the following tips: 

1.  Add desired items to wish list

Sometimes we love an online item so much that we are not willing to let it go no matter how expensive it is. It can be frustrating to find out that the price of the item you have purchased has dropped down to half within weeks. This way you end up paying more for something you could get for half of the original price. To avoid spending more on your purchases, try to add your desired items to the wish list instead of the shopping cart. When you add an item to the wish list, you get regular updates on the drop in price.
Make an account on the shopping site you regularly visit and stay logged in. you will get alerts on when your desired item is available at a discounted price. 

2.  Use Ebates

Another great way to spend less on your desired items is to use Ebates. It is an online store where you get cash back on your online purchases. This website offers coupons which you can couple with your purchase to save some cash. This website is very simple to use. All you need to do is to press the checkout button and receive the automatic rebate. Before you submit your order, add the coupon code into the coupon section to stack discounts on your favorite items. 
There are various other websites that you should regularly check out for discount coupons and codes

3.  Search “As Is” section on shopping sites

If you want to enjoy great discount on your next purchase, you should search shopping sites for “returned items” section. Majority of the online stores have that option available. If you purchase from this section you get deep discounts on the items that have been returned by the previous customers. This option is available on overstock as well as warehouse deals on Amazon. In this section the items are sold at 50-60-70% off. However, you need to check the description box to see the reason why the item was returned so that you don’t end up buying a damaged item. Majority of the times, new items are placed in this section because the box and packaging was open when a parcel was delivered to the wrong customer. 

4.  Couple coupons with sales

If your favorite retailer has emailed you a coupon, don’t use it the moment you have received it. Wait for the right time. You can double the discount by coupling coupons with sales. Retail items go on sale at least once a season. Sometimes brands offer discounts on special holidays. Try to hold your coupon out for the sale that’s around the corner. You will able to save more than you have imagined on your next purchase. 

5.  Search using Google’s shopping tab

If you want to compare sellers’ prices before you decide an item to purchase, you should search with help of Google’s shopping tab. You can even add PriceBlink browser add-on to compare and see which option suits your budget and needs. All you need is to copy the title of the item on retailer’s website. Paste it in Google shopping tab and compare the pricing with other retailers selling the same product. PriceBlink does the same. However, it’s an add-on that you can add to the toolbar of your browser. 

6.  Plan out big purchases at the end of the season

When retailers add a new collection to their stock, they mark down the items that are already on the shelves to purge their inventory. These items are put on sale to make room for the new collection. Off-season sales are the best times to revamp your summer or winter wardrobe. You can purchase your favorite items on the lowest possible rates and save hundreds of dollars.

7.  Install retailers’ savings apps

Many retailers in Australia have their own ecommerce apps. If the stores where you shop the most have a saving app, you should download those. It will help you save considerably on your next purchases. Some of our favorite discount apps include Kirkland’s Spin-To-Win app, Walmart Savings Catcher and Target’s Cartwheel app. 

8.  Sign up for email discounts

Redeem points by signing up for email discounts and loyalty clubs. Majority of the big retailers offer 10-15% off coupon to the customers who have subscribed to their emails. Create a separate email account for online shopping so that your personal inbox doesn’t get filled with promotions. Check your junk emails regularly so that you don’t miss out on any promotion. 

9.  Pick up your parcels

Sometimes delivery charges add a lot to your overall bill. You can save on your purchases by shopping at home and pick up from the store. Majority of the brands offer free shipping when you purchases for a certain amount. If you are not eligible for free shipping, you can save some dollar by driving to the store picking up your parcel. 
Shop smartly. Follow the above mentioned tricks to save more on your online purchases. 

Published on: November 14, 2019

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