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How To Manage Your Online Subscriptions And Keep Them Under Control?

Do you know Netflix is hiking its prices? So are many other video streaming subscription services. It’s getting harder and harder to afford these services. Nobody wants to give up on their favorite TV shows. So what is that you would do to get a handle on your favorite subscription services? Need a solution? Don’t worry! All you need is a way to track your paid subscriptions. There are various apps that you can download to control and manage your spending. These apps help you trim down your paid subscription bills. This means you can still enjoy your favorite TV series without going out of your pocket pay the bills. 

Majority of times you find out that your favorite video streaming service has increased its pricing only when you check your credit card statement at the end of the month. Sometimes you miss out when your free trail converts into paid subscription. 
With one of these apps downloaded on your phone, you will be notified every time there is a hike in the price of your favorite streaming service. You can easily cancel the subscription when that happens or if you are not currently using the service. Some of these apps also offer financial aid services. If you want to keep your paid subscription bill under control, download one of the following apps.

Best apps to get a handle on your online subscriptions

True bill: 

True bill is available for both iOS and android platform. When you install this app to your phone, you have to link it your bank account. You financial data will automatically be filled in by True bill. You can monitor your expenditure from a custom dashboard. You can easily track your spending and even set the budget limit you don’t want to exceed. 
True bill doesn’t simply notify you to cancel an unwanted subscription. It also helps you create a saving account and keep yourself updated with regular notifications and alerts. This app makes sure you get the best value for money and help you to negotiate your bills. 
This app groups all recurring payments together and enables you to monitor them at a time. You can see how much you have spent on a service and how you can control the cost. You can customize the way this app tracks your spending to your financial needs. If there is a service that you want to cancel, True bill will provide with the contact details of the subscription service provider you want to cancel. 
True bill premium version costs you $3 every month. The perks include, smart saving features, automated cancellations, live chat option, customize categories, automatic refunds and account syncing ability. 


Trim is your one stop solution, if you trying to get a handle on your paid subscription bills. In order to use this app you need create your account using your email or Facebook ID. Now link your bank to your Trim account. You will be asked a few questions about your finances. Once you have entered the necessary information, you are all set to use this app. Using Trim you can easily control your spending, negotiate your bills and eliminate your debts. You can even set up a savings account where you can move your savings on a regular basis. You can set up you spending budget limit and turn on reminders and notifications regarding your spending.
If you want to get a sense of how well you are doing, you can even compare your spending behavior with the other users of the app. This will give you the idea of how well you are doing and what do you need to improve. 
If there is a subscription service you are not using at the moment, Trim will put it out to save your money. Trim will investigate the bill you don’t recognize. It will track it down to find out how it got there. 
There are three premium versions of Trim available including Trim Concierge Bill negotiation and Trim Simple Savings. They vary in their pricing. 
Both True bill and Trim don’t store your personal banking details. They used the plaid API to avoid that. It offers complete privacy by using bank-level 256-bit SSL encryption as well as two-factor authentication. This way they make your account almost impossible to hack. 


SubscriptMe is developed for iOS platform. This app uses a service called Slice to scan the emails you have received for your transaction receipts. You get a concise view of your subscription by setting up this app on your iPhone. It also breaks your spending down into different categories. You can set up reminder for upcoming renewals and SubscriptMe will send your updates. You also have the freedom to add something this app has missed manually. 


Sometimes users hesitate when comes to sharing their banking details. If you don’t want to link your bank account your app, then Bobby is the best app for you. it allows you to enter your subscriptions manually. Using this app, you can sync data through iCloud. You can customize the look of this app according to your needs. You can even secure this app using Touch ID and passcodes. 


Outflow is the app that allows you add subscriptions both automatically and manually. This app is available for iOS devices for $1.99. All you need to do is link this app with your Gmail account. This app will fill in your subscription depending upon its findings. You can add the service Outflow has missed out on your own. This app keeps you updated by tracking renewal dates, sending alerts and converting currency. 


Subby is developed exclusively for the Android platform. You need to enter the recurring subscriptions manually on this app. This means, you don’t need to share your credit card credentials with the company. This app notifies you if there are any impending charges you need to pay. You can get Subby pro version for $2.99 per month. 


You need to manually add your subscriptions on TrackMySubs. Again, this app doesn’t require you share your financial information. You can customize this app according to your needs. 
After Netflix other streaming services like Hulu and HBO have hiked their prices. If you find it hard to manage all your subscriptions, download the apps that help you track and manage your spending on subscription services.

Published on: October 15, 2020

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