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Affordable Ideas For Home Restyling In Australia

Australia’s love for home improvement is remarkable. According to a recent Now Finance survey, 1 in 6 Australians are not happy with their home desiring some home renovation but being unable to afford currently. The report further reveals that the home improvement market is booming in Australia and currently is at $43 billion. Since 2010 the amount spent on home renovation in Australia has witnessed a 147% increase. The home improvement market is tipped to reach $50 billion in 10 years.

For most of the Aussies, restyling, tweaking and renovating their homes are passionate pursuits, which they do with lots of out-of-box thinking and creativity. They are however prudent enough to ensure that they do not overspend in the process. Thanks to growing Retail business discount culture in Australia, Aussies restyle their homes elegantly without breaking the bank finding amazing high street bargains and coupons for home décor items and accessories.

When Australians Restyle Homes The Most?

I have mentioned earlier that Australians continuously restyle their homes (mini changes in décor and design is an ongoing passion), but there are times when they tend to massively restyle their homes. Let’s check out what are these.

  • When they feel clutter burdened, they restyle in a big way to have a simple life by getting rid of unnecessary goods.
  • When they find the house do not provide enough space for their kids, who have now grown up as teenagers.
  • Selling the home is a major consideration for restyling because if you sell it in the existing state it is likely to fetch a much lower amount of money. So Aussies restyle for better yields. Sam Peterson, the sales Director at Duke Realty, a Brisbane based property dealing company said that a property a 23 Essex Road property which was having difficulty getting sold, fetched $1.3 million when it was easily sold after a little restyling.

How Do They Go About Restyling?

The Australian while doing restyling their home on a budget, generally, focus on areas that do not cost much and yet create a world of difference in terms of styling and provision of space.


Clearing the clutter is an easy and inexpensive option which Australians adopt as the first step towards restyling their homes. Getting rid of grime, stacks of paper and giving every room a deep clean is the easiest way through which Aussies give a fresh and rejuvenated look to their homes.

Aussies Love Cheaper DIY Alternatives

Though designers renovation and restyling give a refreshed and elegant look to homes, the Aussies are very prudent and understand that cheaper alternative to designer’s looks are available, through which they can create 90% of the same looks by doing most of the tasks themselves.
Australians save a lot of money in their DIY restyling endeavor by shopping from showroom sales, looking to thrift stores for discontinued and useful second-hand items, and availing discounts Renovator store discount code.


The Aussies love greenery and can’t resist some changes to create a spring mood inside their homes. They often do it in one of many ways: Some of the popular trends are as follows:

  • They create a completely new green corner in a living room. Australians add depth and character to their living rooms by placing live plants with prominent foliage.
  • Adding a vase of fresh flowers in the kitchen and study.
  • Fiddle leaf fig trees add cool impact to living rooms and Aussies love to create dramatic impact through these and feel refreshed.

Bathrooms Makeover:

The Aussies love to have spacious and illuminated bathrooms (preferably with natural light) along with cool color schemes creating a sense of space. For Luxe look, Australians prefer blues, greens, pink and even metallic. The Aussies while restyling their bathrooms concentrate on increasing functional storage, making it more practical and adaptable.

Refurbishing Living Rooms:

Australians keep a vigilant eye on their living rooms and as soon as they feel a tired look they restyle these in many ways. These include removing cushion covers, swapping color palette, a fresh coat of paint, hanging new pieces of art and mixing vintage with modern. Lighting plays a critical role in restyling and Australians acknowledge this fact well. Aussies generally create multiple lighting points throughout rooms to avoid flat and cold effect created by central lighting.

Online Shopping On A Budget

Aussies follow their favorite discount stores keeping eye on sale and deals offered by e-commerce stores for saving money. They avail a variety of discount options including BOGO (Buy one item and get another free), amazing discounts in percentage and dollar terms, promo codes, and free shipping, etc. The discounts from top brands and online stores in Australia help Aussies reworking and restyling their sweet homes on a budget. Have a look at some of the most fabulous discount opportunities currently available to Australian house owners for refurbishing their houses:
  • Half yearly sale at Potterybarn is going on with many alluring deals. These include 50% off on dining tables, up to 40% off beds and rugs, up to 30% off select bad linen and curtains, etc.
  • Fabulous discount deals by Luxoliving including beds under $300, Luxury summer weight Microfiber quilt on $26.95 instead of $41.95, Livera outdoor sofa set with Aluminum coffee table on $449 on sale instead of $799 and many other deals with gorgeous discounts.

The above-mentioned deals are only some of the offers. There are many more available online from brands and stores and Aussies enjoy their home decor and appliances shopping on a budget.

Bottom Line

The great love affair of Aussies with their homes and passion for restyling is supported by online Retail stores that help them renovating their houses with fabulous discount deals and coupon codes which they keep offering. Since Australians have a knack for saving money, they do it in many ways; DIY activities, looking for still usable items (in good condition) from thrift stores and shopping from sales.

Published on: October 01, 2019

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