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Halloween Makeup Ideas Of 2019 From Twitter

Usually, when it comes to makeup, Instagram is dubbed as the ultimate source of all the beauty inspo. However, Twitter has a big makeup community of its own. 

Yes! The 280 character platform is not just for tweeting depressing thoughts and sharing those darn SpongeBob memes. 
Anyways, since we’re deep into October, I decided to scroll through twitter to get some inspiration. I had already bought a kit with Fitcover Australia Coupon Code and was now looking for cool and creepy Halloween makeup ideas for 2019.

Safe to say, I was not disappointed. 

Kick-Ass Makeup Ideas for Halloween 2019

Before we began, I would like to state the obvious: makeup is expensive. So make sure to look for discounts before you buy a kit to recreate the following looks. 
Anyways, without further ado, here are some the best #HalloweenMakeUp ideas from the twitterland. 

1.  Go for Some Bloody Effects

If you’re supremely skilled as a makeup artist, you can create something so gruesome that it will freak everyone out. It’s a time-tested party trick that makes you the center of attention. In the same spirit, this brilliant artist has managed to craft a gothic look that has just the right amount of gore. Simply brilliant!

2.  Embrace a Much-Loved Tradition 

It’s impossible to separate Beetlejuice from Halloween. It’s a timeless classic and one of celebrated the beloved Halloween flicks of all time. What I love is how the artist has put her own spin on the legendary character. Also, what a stunning shade of green. 

3.  Unleash the Artistry 

Sometimes Halloween can serve as an excuse to demonstrate just how capable you are with a makeup kit. As this person has shown, sometimes it’s best to let your inner artist out so you may be able to craft magnificence.  

4.  Be a Doll

What’s creepier than a freakin serial-killing doll? Nothing. Chucky is a pop culture icon that enjoys great notoriety.  Seriously, some people believe it has inspired real horrific acts of murder. But regardless, if you can put in the work like this artist and get those stitches on point, Chucky makes for a brilliant Halloween costume. 

5.  Embrace Your Demonic Side

Yikes! Check out the details on those horns. And that black demon blood (?) coming out of the eyes and nose is pretty rad too. This is something that will definitely creep out your friends out and family.

6.  Terrorize Gotham 

“Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?” Of course, this is the only thing anyone ever talks about these days. Joaquin Phoenix’s iteration of the clown prince of crime has many people going nuts. So why not replicate his look for this Halloween. Especially, if we can do it like her (with absolute perfection). 

7.  Delve in Fan Fiction

Alright! I’m not really sure what’s going on here but I like it. The extremely talented makeup artist has managed to create a fanfic character from Harry Potter. It looks like Draco Malfoy’s long lost sister who has truly embraced her identity as a Slytherin. Surely one of the more unique Halloween makeup ideas for 2019.

8.  Join the Dead

Zombies and Halloween go together like Ice cream and chocolate sprinkles. So a living dead creature was eventually going to end up on this list. However, this zombie seems to have survived a shot to the head which is pretty impressive. Also, the artist has created this amazing contrast of pale white skin with dark veins spread throughout the face. Good stuff. 

9.  Spook ‘Em Out

More often than not, Halloween makeup ideas revolve around the same fictional entities. Ghosts, demons, zombies, vampires have become too familiar. So sometimes it’s just better to go against the grain and create something unique, like this person. Now I’ve no idea what to call this look but consider me spooked. All I know is that it’s one of the better Halloween makeup ideas of 2019. 


So there you have it. That’s all the creepiness, spookiness and cuteness that makeup twitter has to offer. 
Since Halloween is almost here, I would advise all aspiring artists to look for discounts on makeup kits. Believe me they’re not hard to find. 
Aussie brands like AWE offers dedicate AWE Cosmeceuticals discount code which gives $10 off. So there’s no reason for you to break the bank in order to creep your friends out. Happy Halloween!

Published on: November 12, 2019

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