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Guide To Frugal Coupon Living

Many moons ago just the thought of living frugally would give me jitters, now several years later I am living frugally and I am enjoying it. Living frugally does not mean to live cheap and deny yourselves of all the luxuries. Frugally means to live economically, where you compromise on some of your needs and try to save from what you are already spending. When my bank statement hit the rock bottom, I decided to go economical and that is where coupons came in; you cannot live frugally without coupons. there were many tips and tricks I applied every day to save money and utilization of saving coupons was one of them. The saving coupons have made a visible difference in my saving account and I am not going back. Though many people think of coupons as time-waster but here are some legit coupons facts that will change your mind about them.


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According to the survey, about $4.6 billion on shopping was saved by shoppers in 2011 by using coupons at every store possible. 32% of grocery shoppers use digital coupons while shopping, the coupons originally came in paper forms but now thanks to technology, the digital coupons has made life much easier by being more accessible. Because in most of the households shopping is done by moms that is why they are most active coupons collectors than dads which makes the ratio 62% to 56%. The coupons are no longer restricted to parents only, you can see them used by every age group, about 74% consumers search for coupons every week and avail offers such as Froothie Coupon Code.

Coupons play a pivotal role in living economically that is why 78% of shoppers prefer that the coupons must directly apply to their purchases. Because online shopping is trending very much now and thus use of online coupons has increased, so 37% of population wants their coupons to be digital. More often coupons come with not only discount on a single item but on multiple items. However, all these items will not be of your use that is why 33% of the shoppers does not use coupons that comes with multiple items deal. Coupons also comes with deadlines and policies which 20% of the People Find It Confusing. 

I hope by now you are convinced that coupons do make a difference in your budget and not a subtle one. But here are some tricks to use coupons and to make the most of it while you are living frugally:

Collect Them From All Possible Sources

Most of the store shoppers look for coupons in magazines and store pamphlets only, while online shoppers continue to look for coupon online Dreamworld Coupon Code, but the trick is to look everywhere. Do not restrict your searching to few places. Even though I am shopping online I look for coupons not only the store I am shopping on but on another coupon’s website as well. I also look for coupons in magazines, store leaflets and newspapers. Although newspapers have ostracized but the high-end brands still like to advertise their coupons in newspapers, so don’t throw your Sunday papers without skimming them first. If you are unable to find a coupon for any particular store you can also ask the store directly if they have any coupons for the item you are looking. You can also ask your kids, friends and relative to search and collect coupons which you can utilize.

Organize Them Properly

If you have a drawer full of coupons good luck finding the one you need! Being an avid coupon collector, I had several drawers full of coupons and due to overflowing coupons arranged in haphazard pile I could never reach to one I needed. By sorting out and placing them in order you can easily find the one you are looking without wasting any time. You can get a binder where you can categorize your coupons, so you don’t have to search for them each time you go out shopping.

Make Sure They Are Legit!

They are many scammers out there with tons of fake coupons. you will find some coupons with most unbelievable offers but they come with a price. The price is the first sign of scam. The idea of coupon is to save the money, spending money on the coupon itself defeats the purpose. If you are using coupons that are not on store’s website then make sure they are legit by checking with the store first before using them. If the store confirms the validity then go ahead. 

Compare The Coupons

Because coupons have become such a trend, there are thousands of coupons available. When I started using coupons, I used to use the first coupon I came across which is mistake. Like you compare the prices of items from store to store you should also compare the coupons. Do not make use of the first coupon you come across, always compare and use the coupon which is offering you better deal as most of the peoples getting discount by using The Man Shake discount code.

Use Them Before Deadlines!

Most of the coupons comes with deadlines and if you do not use them before the date assign, they go waste and so does your effort and time looking for them. So, always make sure when you are collecting a coupon mark its expiry date and use it before the date.
These are tried and tested coupons tricks which have drastically risen my bank balance. It is all about choosing the right coupon at right time! The coupons are indeed great way to save money whether you are shopping for groceries, clothing items, jewelry or going on vacation. From cab fares to cafes you can utilize them anywhere and everywhere. I have used them in saloon and to get my refrigerator repaired. Once you step into the world of coupons there is no going back. It never hurt to save little money, so even if you are doing good financially using coupons will only give you advantage in the long run.
Do you use saving coupons? which of the tips listed above would you like to try first and why? if you use saving coupons what are favorite coupon tricks? Mention them in the comments below!

Published on: February 23, 2021

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