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Shopping For A Newborn? Here’s A Complete Baby Shopping Guide

Lullabies, baby clothes, and toys - your life may become a lot more hectic with the birth of a baby, but it also becomes sweeter. Running parallel to the excitement of welcoming a newborn though is the stress of additional financial responsibilities. 

Did you know that in the first year alone, the first child costs anywhere between $3000 to $13000? Those are some huge digits! I remember how when I had my firstborn, there were moments my husband and I couldn’t help but find ourselves muddled in trying to handle all the expenses.

And I know that we weren’t alone in this boat. In fact, a research work looked at the financial aspect of parenting and found that the cost of raising kids makes people unhappy. Many first-time parents spend more than they should on baby items before their baby is born and waste their money.  You can buy baby items by using discount or coupon codes. Such as you can buy mattress for your baby by using Emma Mattress Discount Code.

Of course, those who have never shopped for a baby aren’t aware of how to do it right. This is why I have written this baby shopping guide for those who have little ones on the way. Let’s start: 

Don’t Rely On Baby Clothing Sizes 

Bringing a new family member to your world is a thrilling experience. Some mothers buy too many baby clothes before their due date just because those adorable clothing items can be difficult to pass. However, you should not stock up too many clothes. 

That’s because your baby might quickly outgrow the clothes you have bought. A baby grows five times in the first year after all. Moreover, only once your munchkin is here can you determine which clothing size would fit him. Buy baby clothing sizes according to your little one’s weight and height. And try getting them at a discount through Baby Tula Discount Code. There’s no need to go all posh with the onesies. 

All those sizes mentioned on clothes are just general and may not apply to your little one. Chances are your baby would fit better in apparel for 1-year-olds when he or she is only six months. 

Be Careful About Which Toys You Invest In 

Stuff toys - they’re fluffy and safe so many people tend to load up on those. But in this baby shopping guide, I will argue that this is a bad idea. That’s because you’re going to probably get several of those as presents. In fact, even in the case of other toys, just buy a few simple ones. 

Only once your baby is here would you be able to know which type of toys he or she likes better. By purchasing too many toys of different varieties beforehand you’re just wasting your bucks. What’s more, avoid noisy toys as the noise in your house is going to increase tenfold anyway. You can also buy gift card for new baby or new baby parent's through Gift Card Store Promo Code.

Noisy toys just steal your peace of mind. Plus, if your baby enjoys sounds, you can always sing or read to him or her. 

Make Sure You Have All The Essentials 

While this baby shopping guide won’t ask you to crazy with the toys and clothes, it would be a good idea to get as many baby wipes, towels, and such cleaning products as you can. Specifically, get as many diaper packets as you can. 

You will be needing those quite a lot, and it's better to stock up on them once and save yourself some time and stress. Two other essentials that you may need - a baby bouncer for it keeps your little one busy and relaxed, and one stroller. 

You may also need a baby carrier. A front baby carrier can come in handy when you are shopping and need both your hands-free. 

Save Money Where You Can 

You need to budget your baby expenses; this goes without saying. These days there are several ways you can save on the items you buy whether for your own self or for your child. First of all, you can shop in the sale section. 

You can also use coupons that you can find through saving apps and websites conveniently. Furthermore, there are several preloved items that you can use for your baby. Hand-me-down clothes can save you lots. However, your priority should be your child’s safety and health. 

Therefore, make sure that any and all second-hand items are free from germs, infections, and are completely safe for use. 

Buy Only After Researching Thoroughly 

Many people invest their money in parenting books which can be wasteful since once your baby arrives you may have no time left to read. Furthermore, you can read tips on parenting for free by following mommy bloggers and other sites on the internet. 

Apart from parenting tips also do some research on the things that you buy. Particularly in the case of baby gadgets and gizmos ranging from a baby walker to a baby monitor, read reviews before buying. Also, know that one thing that works for other parents may not work for you. 

For example, a vibrating swing may have put your friend’s baby to sleep swiftly but it can make your baby cry instead. So look for items that are appropriate for your child. If something exceeds your budget, look for the relevant promo codes or vouchers. 

Invest In What Can Be Reused 

This pointer is for those who plan to have more children. When buying baby stuff, sustainability should be on your list of qualities to look for. After all, it’s a better idea to invest in stuff once rather than every time you give birth. 

For this very reason, you shouldn’t be too crazy about buying all the items in pink or blue. Spend on gender-neutral colors so that items can be reused, even clothes. If you don’t plan on having more children, you can even donate or sell used items. 
From strollers to baby carriers, baby monitors, etc. there are several things that can most definitely sit in your storeroom until your next munchkin arrives. After those things cost a fortune if you’re not buying them on sale or with a relevant discount code. 

So, this was my list of things that you should be aware of when shopping for a newborn. Do you have anything to add to this baby shopping guide? Tell me in the comments! 

Published on: March 09, 2021

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