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Halloween 2020 Makeup Ideas from Twitter

Halloween will be different this year. Instead of going to big parties, most people will celebrate it with their immediate friends & family. Some people might even avoid this and take the whole ‘virtual’ route. 

But whether you’re staying at home or attending a limited gathering — you cannot skip on costumes and makeup. No pandemic should come between us and those Harley Quinn cosplays.

There isn’t much time left in the fateful day and anyone that’s still undecided on their getup needs to make a quick decision. No matter what your final choice is, make sure to avail our KIKO Cosmetics 85% off promo to get a quality kit at a reasonable price.

Some Makeup Inspiration for Halloween

Twitter has plenty of makeup inspiration for anyone wanting to look weird, spooky, and ghostly on October 31st. 

These are some of our top picks.

1. Get that Psycho Vibe

It’s all in the eyes. Sometimes all it takes is war paint and some torn up clothes to show you mean business. This look, in particular, gives off serious serial killer vibes, which is just perfect for Halloween. 

2. Take Out the Crystal Ball

If you’re good with the brush and have the appropriate jewelry, perhaps this getup is in your future. Everything from contact lenses to the mascara is absolutely tremendous here. And let’s not forget the glorious third eye. 

3. Give an Old Costume a Twist

What’s Halloween without a little bit of creativity? Sure, you could just go as Belle on October 31st but that’s just basic. Halloween is all about putting a twist on things like this talented makeup artist has done. This tortured Belle is both enchanting and horrifying at the same time. 

4. Bring Back Something from Your Childhood

Who doesn’t like a good trip down the memory lane? Kim Possible is one of those badass characters that we all loved as children. This artistic and faithful cosplay of our beloved high school cheerleader and secret agent kicks all sorts of ass.

5. Try Something Gothic 

What you see here is an exceptional display of classic butterfly and skull design. It’s a symbol that represents mortality, and more so —the circle of life. The face painting here is simply fantastic and poignant.

6. Go for the Coolest Reference

This one comes from the infamous Harry Potter fanfiction My Immortal. ‘Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way’ stars in what can only be described as a horrible piece of fiction. Of course, not everyone will get this but not everyone is supposed to. It’s a niche reference and those are the best.

7. Scare the Crap Out of Everyone

Imagine a bunch of kids standing at your door waiting for some M&Ms and this is what greets them. It will be all sorts of glorious. Heck, if you're talented and skilled like this artist, even the adults will be spooked.

8. Let Your Creativity Run Wild

Face painting is a skill that takes a great level of patience and practice. But once you become good at it, there’s no limit to where you can take your art. The only way to describe this work is ‘hauntingly beautiful’.

9. Continue a Halloween Tradition

It’s hard to even think about celebrating Halloween without watching some of Tim Burton’s work. The Nightmare Before Christmas is just one of those movies you have to play on October 31st. Here we have a brilliant Sally cosplay, paying homage to one of the classic Halloween traditions.

10. Try Some Halloween Glam

Halloween doesn’t have to be about gore and spooks. One can always go for a cute and glamorous look. And this is exactly what this individual has gone for and dare I say —she has done a swell job.


2020 has been an awful year and we all deserve a break. Halloween couldn’t have come at a perfect time. So pick up the brush and let your imagination run wild. And make sure to check out the Notino discount code so you save some money on your makeup sets too. 

Published on: December 23, 2020

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