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These Tips for Buying Costumes Work Every Time

The costumes being historical, country specific and professional dresses have a great social relevance. From theater and film to Halloween and vintage to Masquerade dresses, the costumes come in many varieties and serve different occasions. Selecting quality costumes for festival goers though is a fun but might prove a bit tricky as well. Based on Experts and costume designers advices, I will present practical tips about how one can shop the perfect costumes. It will however be better to first know what different types of costumes are:

Costumes Categories:

As I have already told costumes come in a variety of styles and for different purposes and many stores offers great discounts on it you can easily avail it by using their coupon or discount code like ESTRO Discount Code, following description is based on broad categorization:


Costumes for actors portraying different characters in films, theater, TV dramas etc.


Often a source of national pride, these costumes portray unique attributes of a culture, nation or country.


These include costumes for events and festivals. Most notable are Halloween costumes that are worn around or on 31st October on the eve of Halloween celebration. 

Pay attention to detail:

While searching online, try to focus all relevant detail through as many filters and key word s as possible. Remember you are going to portray a character or depict an era, hence detailing will lead to a perfect costume.

  • Check that costumes have been decorated with reflective tapes and stickers.
  • You must use proper undergarments so that your costume fits well.
  • Justify your choice of color, fabric and garment for the character to be portrayed by your costume.
  • The buyer must exactly know what costume pieces and accessories he/she is going to have before purchasing it. According to Costume expert Shari McConahay, the buyer must be really careful to list every detail so that there are no surprises.
  • Try to borrow accessories from the friends. If you decide to purchase, then make sure that detailing items may be used again in your daily life.

Don’t empty your Bank account. There are frugal options galore:

You do not need to break the bank for buying costumes. Act intelligently and grab perfect costumes on fabulous discounts by following these tips:

  • Shop from clearance and other sale events to buy costumes and relevant accessories.
  • Grab a discount code through intelligent googling for costumes and buy fancy dresses, Halloween, thematic, birthdays and many other varieties of costumes at slashed prices.
  • There are holiday shopping discount deals for costumes. Shop for upcoming events on Black Friday, Cyber Monday or other such special big retail days and avail offers such as Gift Card Store Promo Code.
  • Shop from bargain stores and get low-budget costumes as well as masks, hats and other accessories.
  • Shipping charges are additional strain to wallet. Either get discounts on shipping or select a store that offers free shipping.

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Specialized costume shops make it easy:

Whether shopping online or from physical stores you can buy all your costumes and relevant accessories at one place. There are many such stores where you have scores of searching options. From age group (Toddlers to teen and adults) to character-wise (Harry perter to Santa and Angel to Pock man) one can have many filtering options for making an exact and right choice.

Get inspiration from Pinterest:

No matter what you are searching for (a fun Halloween costume for couple or an adorable fancy dress for kids) the inspirational trends are galore on social media and most especially on Pinterest. You can discover ideas about thematic costume collections and shop also from retailers through clicking the product pins.

You can have a good costume brain storming with the help of this platform. The Pinterest Pin frights report 2019, for instance has presented Top-trending Halloween ideas stating that Lion King, Power puff girls and stranger things are three of the most popular costume ideas in US now with saves up by 1569%, 954% and 317% respectively.

Don’t fall in the trap of the latest fad:

Buying costume triggered by the craze of the latest fad is a clear indication that the costumes will be used just once. While a costume for witch, vampire or princess will never be out of fashion it is no use wasting money on a short-span sensation. Therefore buy costume which can be reused by others in family and friends.

Published on: February 23, 2021

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