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Black Friday VS Cyber Monday: Which One Is Better?

The season of holiday shopping and bargain hunting has begun, and the annual debate of ‘Black Friday vs Cyber Monday’ rages on. These two discounting events come as a festival right at the end of the fall, each having its characteristics and offerings, which have become integral parts of customer and consumer experience. Black Friday’s history dates back to the late ’50s in Philadelphia, consisting of long queues of shoppers, doorbusters in the early morning, and in-store mayhem. On the other hand, Cyber Monday is a relatively newer addition that capitalizes on the evolution and rise of the e-commerce industry by offering deals and discounts on online shopping. In this article, we will dig into the deeper meaning of these two events, what sets them apart, their pros and cons, and what makes one reign over the other in terms of offering better deals to their shoppers. Whether you are a Cyber Monday enthusiast or a Black Friday shopper, you will find valuable tips to make your holiday shopping experience fun and worthwhile.

Black Friday vs Cyber Monday:

To understand which one of these two events suits your shopping styles better, you must know the differences between these shopping festivals. Here are some key differences between Black Friday and Cyber Monday to help you decide which one offers better deals and what to expect from both of these holiday shopping days.


The origin of Black Friday dates back to the late 50s, in the state of Philadelphia, United States. The streets were teeming with people to watch the Army vs Navy football game the day after Thanksgiving, which resulted in great business for local vendors and shopkeepers. This term was later rebranded for the beginning of the holiday shopping season, on Friday after the Thanksgiving, associated with great deals and discounts. However, Cyber Monday is a relatively new term, first used in the summer of 2005 after the promising success of the internet. Retailers observed that people visited online stores frequently on the Monday right after Thanksgiving. So, to attract more customers, they started Cyber Monday to increase their sales by offering sales and discounts to customers from the comfort of their homes. 
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Mode of shopping:

The major difference in the Black Friday vs Cyber Monday debate was the mode of shopping. Black Friday is usually associated with in-store shopping, with long queues of people waiting for the doors to open and get their hands on newly discounted products. This can result in mayhem and less time for product comparison. However, Cyber Monday does provide you with the ease of ordering products from your home, but Cyber Monday deals do seem to disappear rapidly. Some things with extremely limited numbers may sell out within hours or even minutes, and many of the best deals are only available for a day or two. Though you save time by not waiting in lines for Black Friday, you might have to pay a shipping fee on Cyber Monday.

Types of products:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday also differ in the types of products that are bought during this time. Research shows that people tend to wait for Black Friday to buy big and expensive electronic items like gaming consoles, LED TVs, mobile phones, electrical appliances, etc. These products can cost very less as compared to the original price that’s why Black Friday is the best chance to buy them. However, Cyber Monday is usually associated with easily shippable items, like clothing, tech gadgets, household items, books, etc. To make the difference clear, one might say that Cyber Monday is preferable when you are looking for gifts, while Black Friday is better when you are looking for products of long-term use.

Preparation time on Holiday Shopping Season:

Savvy shoppers are aware that you can salvage the best of deals and discounts if you prepare yourself beforehand by planning ahead for the anticipated holiday deals. In Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you get time to prepare for Black Friday as deals and sales are often advertised weeks before the anticipated day. You can look out for these items and go buy them before they run out of stock. However, Cyber Monday deals usually come as a surprise and the shoppers must be quick to find the best deals to save money. But the advantage is they are less likely to run out of stock. But it is still prudent to buy on Monday in case you miss out on the best deals.

Cost comparison of products:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are best availed when you are certain that the product you chose is the best among its competitors. When you shop in-store on a Black Friday, you can compare the product from other products, stores, or brands if you have a good cell reception. Due to the crowded store and limited availability, it can be a little inconvenient or frustrating. But on Cyber Monday, it is way easier to scroll through and compare products or even deals to find the right choice for you. There are certain browser add-ons available that tell you if you are getting the lowest price available on a certain item or not.

Convenience of shopping experience:

Although you can assess the quality first-hand and immediately get the product you buy in-store on Black Friday, it can be a bit inconvenient. You might have to drive to your concerned store and find a parking spot, pay for gas or fuel, and go out in the cold weather when you could have stayed at home until Monday and bought it from Cyber Monday. On top of that, you might have to face crowds, stampede, and running out of stock. The money you spend on fuel could have gone to the shipping fee of Cyber Monday deals. So as far as the shopping experience is concerned, Cyber Monday takes the lead over Black Friday.

Shopping statistics Of Black Friday And Cyber Monday:

When the shopping statistics of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are compared, Cyber Monday has been outperforming Black Friday in recent years. Adobe analysis recorded the data showing that last year, Cyber Monday hit 10.7 million dollars’ worth of sales while Black Friday was behind 2 million, hitting $8.6 million. 

Cyber Monday is the biggest day for e-commerce spending, but Black Friday steadily closes the difference as the amount of online Black Friday sales rises dramatically. According to Adobe, Black Friday 2020 was the second-biggest online shopping day in American history, after Cyber Monday. Additionally, 88 million people browsed online offers on Black Friday, the Friday following Thanksgiving, last year, surpassing 77 million people on Cyber Monday as the largest day for online shopping in the United States.

Use of coupons on Shopping Season:

Using coupons is a big part of boosting sales and drawing customers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Special coupons or discount codes are frequently provided by retailers as part of their marketing campaigns to draw in customers. These coupons provide even more discounts to already-discounted merchandise and can be used online or in real locations. In an effort to maximize their savings, shoppers deliberately seek these discounts, making the competition for the greatest offers even fiercer. Utilizing coupons is a crucial aspect of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping experience, with websites and applications catering to coupon users who search the web for the newest codes and deals.
One of the most famous websites that offer Black Friday and Cyber Monday coupons to help you save money is EMUCoupon.com. It has coupons and promo codes on all kinds of products including apparel, electronics, beauty products, etc. You can use these coupons to receive maximum discounts, promo codes, or even free shipping during online shopping on Cyber Monday.

What to choose: Black Friday or Cyber Monday:

With time, the distinction between Cyber Monday and Black Friday has become increasingly hazy, and several shops have extended their weekend sales offers. You'll generally find greater deals on Black Friday on products you buy once a year or less often. On Cyber Monday, the reductions on anything you might buy as a gift will probably be greater.
Still, there are other factors to take into account than total savings. Every day, different goods have higher discounts, and the offers from each merchant will differ. As the Black Friday deals are also being shifted online, we might consider that Cyber Monday has influenced the way Black Friday carries out its business. All in all, we consider Cyber Monday to be a more effective way of saving money on Holiday shopping.

Is Cyber Monday better than Black Friday?

To sum up, the argument between Black Friday and Cyber Monday ultimately comes down to individual tastes, shopping preferences, and lifestyle decisions.  It's critical to keep in mind that there is no universally accepted meaning of "better" day. Both shopping holidays provide special benefits and present chances to get huge savings. Whether you shop at Black Friday or Cyber Monday, the ultimate goal is to buy your favorite products while maintaining responsible shopping practices. Happy Holiday Shopping! 

Published on: November 08, 2023

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