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Australian Woman Reduces Annual Grocery Spending To Only $300

An Australian woman didn’t cut her spending to $300 for saving purposes.

A thrifty shopper has shared her experience how, after starting to dumpster dive for free food, she only spent $300 on groceries for the entire year.

Sophie lives in Denmark, I saw her picture of dumpster diving 'hauls' on Instagram. These hauls include bench spreads of fresh fruit and vegetables, packaged meats, cases of drinks, and many more you could want to buy at your neighborhood Woolies—all for nothing.

She said, “In October 2020, I started dumpster diving myself in Sydney. My sister gave me a video of her dumpster diving in Denmark, and I was shocked. I wonder if you could do a garbage dive in Sydney?" 

Sophie spent a year in Australia dumpster diving, which allowed her to live off of enormous amounts of free stuff while spending a total of just $300 on basics.

You know Sophie frequently goes dumpster diving not because she does so out of desire has her financial reason it’s just because she loves to.

She is a part of a sizable but rising group of people who frequently shop for food in the industrial bins of supermarkets and grocers.

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Sophie explained, "To understand what an impact that all this food has, I've begun to do a lot of research on the environmental component”.

And especially in Australia, "it seems like billions of dollars are just thrown away every year. It's a major issue”.

Although the idea of dumpster diving could seem perilous or even distressing, there is an abundance of "free" food sitting in industrial bins due to the huge amount of edible and frequently expensive food that is thrown out due to use-by dates.

Sophie started posting pictures of her trash dives on Instagram to raise awareness of the issue of food waste in Australia and to inspire others to take part.

Food Bank Australia shows that “7.6 million tonnes of food are lost or wasted annually, 70% of which is still suitable for human consumption”.

Even with the existence of nonprofit organizations and charities committed to redistributing products that are close to expiring or damaged but still edible, manufacturing defects and use-by dates continue to be the leading sources of food waste.

Published on: August 12, 2022

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