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Celebrations & Activities of Ekka People Day in Australia

What is Ekka Day?? Ekka People’s Day–known as The Royal National Agriculture Show Day. It is a public holiday in Brisbane and will be celebrated on 10th August 2022. This festival is the biggest and most well-attended yearly event in the Queensland calendar, which is exclusive to Brisbane. Over the duration of the show's 10 days, an average of 400,000 people visited the Brisbane Showgrounds.

On this day, about 60,000 people have jammed through the Brisbane Showgrounds' gates. People stay happy because of the pleasant winter sun.

Look at this Ekka People’s Day celebration:

How Australians Celebrate RNA Show Day

The goal of the event was to showcase local industrial and agricultural goods. Although it remains a significant part of the show, this has evolved into a complex event.

The cattle judging, in which over 1,000 head of cattle fight for the coveted blue ribbon and the coveted title of "Champion of Champions," is probably the most prominent competition.

At the showground's, you can see a vast variety of animals, such as milk and beef cows, cats, dogs, fish, birds, turkeys, horses, ponies, goats, sheep, ducks, pigs, alpacas, and more.

Every night there are fireworks displays, school bands, and choirs, farm and wilderness survival skill demonstrations, a sideshow alley with various carnival-style rides, live musical performances, and workshops teaching how to make cheese.

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  • This event is called Ekka because Queensland slang commonly uses "Exhibition" to "Ekka."
  • Brisbane frequently experiences cold westerly winds known as the "Ekka winds" during the week preceding this day.
  • Participants in the very first exhibition were given a free bag of coal.
  • This is one show but has multiple names like the Royal Queensland Show holiday or the Exhibition holiday.

Observing Ekka People's Day

  • Observe the typical food served at this event, then try to recreate it at home. For example cotton candy, dagwood dogs, fruit cakes, jam-and-cream scones, and burgers and chips 
  • The main focus of Ekka People's Day is competition. They have a variety of contests, including ones for wood-chopping, eating, and cake decorating. The greatest dishes, animal races, and beauty contests are a few suggestions for backyard competitions.
  • Take inspiration from the Brisbane citizens' book and, if you want, then take the day off from work or school to give time to your passion. There are a lot of options, you can watch a movie, chill at home, or reunite with friends.

What Other Things You Can Do At Royal Queensland Show

  • On Ekka People’s Day, get to the station in the center of the showgrounds, and take the Exhibition railway line. You can see the gardens, avoid the traffic, and frequently experience what it's like to ride a historic steam train on the ride.
  • You can taste a variety of food. The Ekka Strawberry Sundae, which benefits a local hospital, is the most traditional. There are also classics including burgers and chips, fairy floss, pluto pups, corn dogs, and french fries.
  • There are numerous excellent restaurants, a lot of snack bars, and an international food hall on-site.
  •  Keep an eye out for jam-and-cream scones, a type of sweet bread that is a cross between a cookie and a biscuit, fruit cakes, and strawberries dipped in fudge.
  • On Brisbane Ekka People’s Day, get some "show bags" at the Showbag Pavilion. These are bags of sweets, other snacks, or novelty items that are marketed in combo bags by companies looking for a good marketing opportunity, typically at a discounted price.
  • They cost somewhere between one and one hundred Australian dollars.

Importance of Ekka People’s Day

  • Australians see the best of Queensland on this day. They can learn more about this place by participating in (and learning about) Queensland's biggest event. Undoubtedly, they wish to travel, perhaps even in August.
  • People who live in other countries have a chance to visit Australia on this Day. A significant cultural occasion like Ekka People's Day offers a glimpse into the similar-yet-different way of life of people on another continent. Even if it's just in the way they eat, we can still observe the differences.
  • It sounds like a fun and active day with rides, animal petting, and food. It doesn’t depend on your age, going to a fair always makes you feel a little excited, and Ekka People's Day is the perfect event to bring out your inner fun-loving personality.

Activities You Can Perform At Ekka People’s Day

Different people want to perform different activities on this holiday according to their interests. For example, indoor, and outdoor things to do at home, some people don't celebrate. Here are some ideas of activities that will be helpful for you.

image source: wikipedia

1.  Horse Riding

Why not try riding a horse yourself if you enjoy observing the show's impressive horsemanship performances? Around Brisbane, there are many horseback riding facilities where both children and adults may learn professional-level riding skills or just take a ride through the bush.

2.  Visit The Gruffalo Trail

The Ginger Factory is just like a little EKKA. It offers many things to explore, including rides, food, ice cream, and demonstrations. Visit the beautiful old-world stores and displays, eat fresh local goods, ride the miniature train, and tour the world on an extraordinary indoor boat trip.

3.  Go To The Discovery Center

If you want to enjoy a family outing then go to the discovery center. There are many local discovery centers in and around Brisbane where you can select from activities including wildlife exploration, interactive displays, and nature play, as well as animal interactions.

4.  Make a Palatable Garden

For you to build an engaging and fruitful edible garden that you and your children will want to spend time in, you don't need to spend a lot of money or have a large yard. Eating the food you grow is undoubtedly the best part of having an edible garden.


Anyone who visits Australia in August must put in their schedule to go to Royal Queensland, or “Ekka,”. It only occurs once a year and you will have a great experience for sure.

Happy Ekka People’s Day!

Published on: August 03, 2022

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