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Revolutionary Australian Innovations: Why Australia Is One The Frontline?

Living in a technology-driven world, we come across something new every day. From the latest gadgets to advanced software, we have access to all. Having that said, our reliance on technology has made it hard for us to imagine a day without it. That means, to excel in the highly competitive world of today, one needs to keep pace with the ever-evolving tech-world. 

Every nation has understood the fact that it is impossible to do without technology and innovation. One of these nations is Australia. It is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. The reason behind its success is its passion to move forward. Australian scientists, researchers and engineers work day to night to find modern solutions to day-to-day problems. That’s the reason why Australia has now become one of the tech-pioneers in the world. There are countless technological discoveries Australia has made that have been revolutionizing the world. In this article, we are going to discuss some of those. If you want to learn which Australian innovations and technologies are taking over the world, this article is for you. So, without further ado, let’s get to the details.

The list of Australian Innovations That Changed The World: 

  • Google Maps:

Today, it is hard to imagine traveling without Google Maps. From hotels to bars and hospitals, you can get anywhere you want by typing in your destination into the Google Maps search bar. You may not know it, but Google Maps was invented by two Australian brothers in Sydney back in the early 2000s. Lars and Jens Rasmussen along with two other Australians Neil Gordon and Stephen Ma founded “2 Technologies”. This company was later sold to Google. Today, over 124000 people use Google Maps on a daily basis. That includes 456502 users solely from the US. Being used Worldwide, Google Maps make it to the top of our list of Australian innovations. 

  • Wi-Fi Technology: 

No one can imagine spending a day without a Wi-Fi connection. From your Smartphone to your TV and car, almost every device today is infused with Wi-Fi technology. It is the modern way to not only stay connected with your loved ones but the world all around. With the availability of Wi-Fi, we are now able to use the internet on the go. We no longer need to stick to our workplace, school or home to get things done. The innovative Wi-Fi technology has changed our dynamics of living. 

You will be surprised to learn that Wi-Fi technology is an Australian innovation. It was invented in Australia by John O Sullivan and CSIRO in 1992. It was originally created to be used for astronomical research. However, with mass digitalization, this technology is now available to be used by over 4.1 billion internet users. Over 62% of the users access the internet using Wi-Fi technology on their phones and gadgets. 

  • Black Box Flight Recorder

Today, every airplane all across the world contains a black box. Do you know what it is? Unlike its name, this box isn’t black. It is rather a bright orange to make it easy to find especially in the plane crash site debris. This box records the conversation that takes place between pilots and the staff if a plane crashes. 

The recordings from this box are later examined to find out the reason for the plane crash. This innovatory invention is designed to be indestructible which helps the investigators to figure out the source of the problem. 

You may not know it yet, but Black Box was invented by an Australian scientist   Dr. David Warren. He lost his dad to a plane crash after which he decided to create something that prevents such accidents from taking place in the future. 

When it was launched, the black box was only made compulsory for planes in Australia. However, with time, they are now a part of every flight and every plane. Today, Black Box Flight Recorders are manufactured in the UK and US and exported to the wider world.

  • Race-cam:

With the advancement in technology, cameras have also evolved. Today we see all sorts of cameras, from digital to HD, small to large size and more. One such camera is the Race-cam. This camera offers you both views, that is, from the driver and the audience's perspective. It lets you view the track from the driver’s angle. That’s what makes it one of the most incredible innovations that changed the world. 

Believe it or not, Racecam was invented in 1979 in Australia. It was first introduced by Australia channel 7. Today we see Racecam being used to cover the widest range of sports activities all across the world. It is no doubt one of the most creative Australian technology inventions. 

  • Plastic Spectacle Lenses

Spectacles made out of glass are prone to breaking easily. To solve this problem, the Australian innovators launched plastic lenses for the first time in 1960. It was Sola Optical Australia that launched these lenses for eyewear. These lenses are lighter in weight as compared to glass. They were also much durable and scratch-resistant. With the success of such lenses, the company went further to create progressive focus, bifocal and trifocal lenses. Today, these lenses are used all around the world. 

  • Electronic Pacemaker:

An electronic pacemaker is a lifesaver for those with fatal heart conditions. It is a tiny device that aids your heart in beating properly. It sends electronic impulses to your heart to maintain its regular beat. This device is also one of the Australian innovations that changed the world. The invention of the electronic pacemaker is a big step forward in medical science. It was invented by Dr. Mark Lidwill and physicist Edgar Booth in the 1920’s. Today over 1000000 electronic pacemakers are installed worldwide which have been saving the lives of those who suffer from heart diseases. 

  • Ultrasound Scanner:

Today ultrasound scanners are used all across the world for medical imaging. These scanners use ultrasound waves to image soft tissues in patients. This technology has provided doctors with a damage-free way to get a view of patients inside. However, it does have some side effects in some cases. Being virtually harmless this technique is widely used in prenatal care. It allows health professionals to see the progress of the fetus without using harmful radiations. 

Again, it is an Australian innovation. These scanners were first developed by Ausonics Australian Company and were commercialized soon after. These scanners have now become one of the best vital imaging devices in the medical science industry. It makes real-time imaging possible without using any invasive methods. These scanners are portable which adds to their efficiency. 

  • Stainless Steel Braces:

Who doesn’t want a pearly white aligned smile? With braces and aligners, it is very easy to attain your desired smile. According to research, over 4.5 million of Americans get braces every year, the majority of whom include teenagers. Even though the process is quite painful but it shows significant results. Millions of people have achieved their ideal smile with the help of stainless steel braces.

It is safe to stay that this Australian innovation has revolutionized the orthodontics field. You will be surprised to learn that stainless steel braces were invented in Australia by Percy Raymond Begg and Metallurgist Arthur Wilcock in 1956. Today the entire world has been benefiting from this revolutionary innovation. 

How Australian Innovations Have Impacted The World? 

Today the entire world knows that the majority of the innovative ideas come from university researchers in Australia. From the medical to tech field, there is no area of knowledge that Australians have not innovated. From the development of Wi-Fi technology to the creation of bionic ear, Australians deserve the credit for all. These innovations have a huge impact on the world. For example, Wi-Fi technology has entirely changed the way the world used to connect. Billions of people use this technology every day.

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These innovations have also digitalized the way gifts were sent and received. Today you can simply get your beloved one a Gift Card Store Promo Code and let him buy anything he wants. It won’t be wrong to say that Australian innovations have changed every aspect of our lives for good. 

Wrapping Up! 

When it comes to innovation, Australia is on the frontline. Almost every revolutionary invention finds its origin somewhere in Australia. From the Wi-Fi technology to Google Maps, Australian innovations have made life easier for the entire planet. Even other countries are following this nation’s footsteps to create something they could call their own.

Published on: December 23, 2020

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