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How Digital Couponing Revolutionized The Shopping Trends

When smartphones got a place in our daily routines, the couponing benefits and trends were not unknown to almost all of us. In fact, there were still whole communities who used to strategize their coupon shopping and grab as much as possible from the recent discounts that have been allowed.

So, did it all change after the advent of touch technology in our lives?
Yes, it did, couponing also took effect of overall changes that occurred in our lives when they continued with smartphones. Today, we have these statistics that disclose:

  • 75% of online shoppers using coupons.
  • Last year the number of cashed coupons were 10 billion.
  • Customers prefer buying by searching for deals and discounts, almost 90% of them.
  • In the current year, every fourth mobile user is availing the coupon offers. 

Publishing Is Easy

Digital Couponing is almost natural for both parties. Any business requiring publishing their deal may choose to do it in several minutes for several hours and may see the result in over a day. This is why many online entrepreneurs today, prefer to have a dealer option in their comprehensive design so their official discounts may be handled without a third party.

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Social Media Updates

Marketers today know the importance of being on social media and couponing supports the purpose. The Social Media sharing about the couponing may be highly effective in drawing customer’s attention and also their interest to take part and share their activities to spread your brand name or word.

The most seen products are clothing, make-up, shoes and hair products on social media, people like share and comment on the purpose of being updated with the latest fashion.

Access To Target Customers

While we are over-viewing both end benefits, by offering occasional discounts to consumers for saving money, the companies may impress and research the interest information coming directly from their target customers. For regular and reliable coupons online buyers may even provide their personal information to get a buzz in their news feed whenever there is a discount.Though the privacy policy of the companies restricts businesses much, the wise businesses may still find ways to get maximum advantage of timely information.

Unique Offers every day

The business and consumers who could benefit from an offer for particular periods such as Automobile coupons may now maximize their advantage with unique offers every day. In the rapidly changing environment, a business may evenly publicize their products by offering new coupons on different items according to trending response.

These offers may extend for as long as they want and the customer can take advantage if he acts in time.
And this is how the digital couponing took over the scene, bringing more attention of users towards the benefits of discounts and encouraging businesses to advantage customers more.

Were There Any Problems?

Yes, there were, the digital couponing was not always a smooth process and there were flaws that were overlooked until the recent years. However, things are moving in a positive direction with the invention of platforms like SoLoMo.

Also described as Social Local Mobile platform has collected unique tools which spread discount information based on social media and location information of a mobile user.

Published on: September 26, 2019

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