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Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift for Australian Dads | Get Discount on Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s day is almost here in Australia and you have little time to get the perfect present. Ignore the clichés; buy something that will truly symbolize your love and appreciation for your old man. 
So for this father’s day, get a gift that is unique and meaningful. Don’t be that son or daughter that gives their dad a “World Greatest Father” shirt and calls it a day. You’re better than that.


Buy something that will actually be useful. To help you with your Father’s Day gift shopping, I have compiled some of the most thoughtful and one-of-a-kind items that are available for discounts. Among these are grooming products and genuinely funny gifts that merit a good chuckle or two. You can even get a discount on father’s day gifts mentioned below. 

Incredible and Meaningful Father’s Day Gifts Available for Discounts

Cooling Pint Glasses: Let Him Enjoy a Cold One

What’s better than a glass of point? An ice-cold glass of pint! These bad boys just need put in the freezer for around two hours –after that, your dad can enjoy a cold one whenever he desires. Anything that makes your father’s life easy is a perfect gift. 

Dress Shoes: Keep It Simple

It’s nothing out of the box but sometimes it’s good to keep things simple. For fathers that don’t enjoy anything fancy, a pair of dress shoes should do the trick. What’s more, many stores provide a good discount on footwear if you use promo codes. 

Bags: Let Him Carry a Token of  Your Appreciation

If your dad is a traveler than he will appreciate you getting him a utility backpack. You can also buy him a work bag if that’s something he needs more. Remember, it’s the thought that counts. With new age stores like Crumpler releasing classy bags, you’ve plenty of options available. Use Crumpler promo codes to get discounts on this father’s day gift. 

Darth Vader Shirt: Join The Witty Side

When it comes to dads, things are often complicated. And no one encapsulates this complicity better than Anakin Skywalker, a man who has an “interesting” relationship with his son. If your father is a Star Wars fan, he will surely dig this nerdy shirt.

Electric Grill: Recreate the Good Old Times

BBQ parties are special to fathers. It provides them an opportunity to spend quality time with their children. Get your dad a good electric grill so he may continue a proud Australian family tradition. What’s more, you can look for stores that provide a discount on father’s day gifts and get an electric grill for a reasonable price. 

Sneakers: Introduce Him to the Latest Trends

For anyone whose dad is a sneakerhead, this one is a no brainer. Even otherwise, it wouldn’t hurt to introduce your father to something new. Show him the wonderful joy of jogging in trendy sneakers. The trick is to get your pieces from stores like Sketchers who design comfortable, stylish and affordable footwear. Make sure to Skechers coupon codes to get a discount on your gift.

Custom Bobblehead: Tickle his Funny Bone

Every dad is a self-proclaimed comedian. He appreciates a good joke especially if it comes from his offspring. Show your father that all those dad jokes rubbed off on you by getting him a customized bobblehead. When it comes to online father’s day gifts, this one is funny, thoughtful and something that could become family memorabilia. 

SmartWatch: Encourage a Healthy Routine

By gifting a smartwatch, you will be able to encourage your father to stay fit and maintain a healthy routine. It wouldn’t take long before your father will learn how to use this watch. After that, the watch will help him organize his daily activities with extreme efficiency. Although smartwatches from brands like Apple and Fitbit are on the expensive side, you can go around and look for promo codes for a handy discount. 

Google Home Mini: Make His Life Easier

Once you set this up, there will be no stopping your dad from staying up-to-date with the latest technology. He will be able to set timers, listen to his favourite music, read information from the web and control a good bunch of smart home devices. This is one of the father’s day gifts that will make your dad’s life more convenient. 

Book: Go Old School

Sometimes it’s best to take the classic approach. Go to a library and search for a book that your old man will enjoy. It could be something from his favourite author or based on a subject that interests him. To get it accurate, you could simply ask your dad if there’s a book out that he wants on the bookshelf. 

Fancy Shaving Cream: Offer Something Extravagant 

Get your father to enjoy his morning shave by buying him fancy shaving cream. It’s not as unique or creative as some of the other options, but it does work. It’s an expensive gift, but you can look for discount codes and other ways to cut down the price.

Happy Father’s Day Card: Keep it Simple

You can hardly go wrong with a father’s day card. If you don’t have the skill or time to craft one, buy something with a funny tagline. It’s an inexpensive gift that even teens or preteens can give to their dads. However, don’t just buy a card and hand it over. Instead, write something meaningful on it. It could be a funny story from your childhood or just a simple thank you for everyone he has done. 

Stubhub Ticket Gift Card: Get Him to Rock Out

Let your father enjoy a theatre performance or a concert of his favourite band. Buying a gift card means the receiver can attend the event at their own time. So this gift is neither stressful nor binding. 

A Pair of Socks: A Simple, Inexpensive Present

If you find yourself short on cash, a simple pair of socks is a good option. It will get a laugh out of your dad but he will thank you because he was running short of those. There are also a wide variety of custom father’s day socks that come with witty one-liners. 

Cricket Ball: Continue a Proud Tradition

Cricket is one of Australia’s national summer sports. It’s also a game that connects fathers with their children. Give your dad a kookaburra ball as a reminder that you’re grateful for all those times he intentionally gave his wicket away.

Chef’s Knife: Something Handy for the Kitchen

Dad’s who know their way around a cutting board appreciate the importance of a good chef’s knife. Get him a quality one and he will be feeling like a professional chef in no time. 

Fighter Jet Ride: Buy Him a Thrilling Experience

This is an expensive gift. But you can’t put a price tag on the thrill dad will experience as he sits on the cockpit. Albeit short, it will be a ride of a lifetime. 

Rare Old Watch: Go for the Classics

Watches are never a bad present. An old, rare one is even better. Buy a classic item and let him show it off to his buddies. It’s a classy gift that warms the heart of everyone. 

Treadmill: Get Dad in Shape

Make most of the technology and get your old man a personal trainer. Advance treadmills will allow him to create his own workouts and receive real-time feedback. This present will show dad that you care about his health and give him extra push to get in shape. 

Frame & Canvas Prints: Capture Your Favourite Memories

Some memories need to be immortalized in personalized frames. Pick a memorable picture from your childhood and put it in a customized frame. It will remind him of you every time you’re not in town. Many stores will give you a discount on father’s day gifts such as this if you order two or more. 

A Bottle of Bourbon: Share a Drink With Your Old Man

You can’t go wrong with a bottle of bourbon. It’s extremely giftable especially if go you for something classic. Have a heart-to-heart with your dad while sharing a drink, it will make his day. 

Made-to-Measure Shirt: Update His Wardrobe 

It might be tough to get measurements secretly and then order a made-to-measure shirt. So you can book an appointment on the web and make the payment latter. Shirts are a simple gift but they are effective. Look for coupon codes and discounts to get a good shirt within a limited budget. 

Personalized Photo Keychain: Small Memento for Dad

You will be hard-pressed to find an effortless gift that provides so much value. A small personalized keychain is a present that even kids can gift to their dads. It’s thoughtful and will fit within the pocket money. 

Published on: August 30, 2019

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