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Discounting Events In Australia

Australia’s retail business scenario is now dominated by great discounting events, round the year. The enthusiasm of bargain hunters is on an upward growth trajectory and each year, sales figures for these special days, are markedly higher than the preceding one. Players, both great brands around the world and locals, come up with new bargains, deals, and discount coupons for each event to kick of shopping frenzy.
We have gathered all important shopping events of Australian retail business in this article. This could help enhance your shopping experience by identifying trends: Let’s check out some of the most important shopping events:

Black Friday-Nov 29, 2019

Black Friday, an American event which comes on the very next day after thanks giving day has recently gained immense global popularity and is creating a shopping craze around the world. The Australia is no exception also. According to a survey of 55 countries by Global Analysis team-Black Friday, the growth rate of interest in Black Friday deals, in Australia, over last 5 years  is 614% against 43% in USA and 46% in Canada. Let’s check out some of other amazing statistics of Australian interest in Black Friday.

83% of the Australians know what Black is Friday
An average Australian shopper will spend Au $263 during Black Friday.
In comparison to a regular Friday, the sales in Australia grew by 1764% on Black Friday. In this comparison of 55 countries Australia ranked 10th.
The ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) reported that overall retail turnover rose 3.6% in Black Friday 2018 compared to 2017.
ABS also reported that overall retail on-line turnover during Black Friday 2018, is the highest to date.

The Black Friday is characterized by generous discounting and deals throughout the world. The Global discount average on Black Friday is 55% and Australia with its 53% discount rate is quite near to it. As a result of this unusual markdown pricing, an average Australian shopper saved AU$ 297 during Black Friday in 2018.
Let’s check out some of the best deals and discounts offered for Black Friday 2018:
Dell: 40% off selected Laptops.
Myer: 25% to 50% off on selected fashion items.
David Jones: Up to 60% off selected items.
Priceline: Offering 50% off on cosmetics.

Cyber Monday-Dec 02, 2019

This is a marketing term coined by Ellen Davis and Scott Silverman, of the US National Retail federation and Shop.Org, for Monday after thanks giving holiday. It was a deliberate move to promote on-line shopping. Despite having its origin in USA, the event has become very popular in Australia and stores have jumped on the board with great enthusiasm. The Cyber Monday in Australia in fact, becomes Cyber Tuesday due to time difference.

The first Cyber Monday in Australia was introduced in 2012 by Click Frenzy to respond the pressure of American on-line stores and create an Australian on-line shopping event. Due to heavy traffic however the website remained down on most part of the day. The Cyber Monday Australia however got momentum after that, and more and more Australian retailers joined Cyber Monday bandwagon, offering great deals, discounts and bargains.
The great American Retail giant Amazon launched its Australian website in December 2017.Prior to that it shipped to Australia. Though it was not there in 2018 Cyber Monday but keeping in view its record of great Cyber Monday campaigns in US and other countries, Aussies are expecting that in 2019, Cyber Monday it will come with a campaign full of great discounts.
Since both Black Friday and Cyber Monday occur so close to each other they are collectively called as BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday).According to Australia Post e Commerce industry report 2019, the BCFM sales recorded growth of 28.7% in 2018 on year on Year basis.
Most of the Cyber Monday deals are just extension of Black Friday deals. However, many exclusive Cyber Monday deals were also offered. Check out the best deals that were offered for Cyber Monday 2018.
Thomas Sabo: Up to 69% off on Fashion accessories.
Asics: Up to 50% off on sports shoes.
ASOS: 70% off a bunch of men and women clothing.
Nokia: 15% off on entire range of phones.
eBay Tec Clearance: Solid Cyber Monday deals with 15% further discount on select items.

Click Frenzy-21st May 2019

This is Australia’s self-initiative in on-line shopping, inspired by American Cyber Monday .It was first launched on 20th Nov 2012 with heavy media promotion. Now it is internationally recognized as Australia’s iconic shopping event which brings great deals and offers for Australian on-line shoppers, by participating retailers.
The next Click frenzy event will start on 21st May 2019 at 7 P.M and will conclude at midnight on 22nd May 2019.This schedule is for Sydney and depending on different locations, in Australia, the starting time may however vary. 

Great deals were announced for last event held on Nov 13, 2018.Out of more than 4000 deals announced from over 5oo retailers, including giants like Microsoft, Nike, Adidas, eBay and Australia Sony. Some of the most generous, included North Hem (80% off on a range of couches, tables and chairs), Vision direct 70% off Sunglasses), Platypus (60% off on selected shoe styles) and Endota spa (75% on body treatment oil).
The upcoming Click frenzy event of May 2019 is also attracting retailers in a big way. Grant Arnott, the Managing director of Click Frenzy says “We are expecting a staggering 1.2 million visitors during the bonanza. We have a variety of international and local brands participating, with the majority of deals exclusive to our sale.” Some of the fabulous discount deals announced so far is from travel businesses. More than 800, related to hotels, rent-a-car, flights etc. have been announced. Check some of these:
Luxury Escapes: 75% off holiday packages along with 6 nights Bali Break from $1499 for 2 adults and 2 kids.
The Bali Bible: up to 78% off packages.
Flight center: Up to 64% off on flight packages.
Air New Zealand: From Melbourne to Honolulu, return package from $699.

Boxing Day-Dec 26th

Boxing Day is celebrated in Britain, Australia, Canada and other commonwealth countries on 26th Dec with an official public holiday. Traditionally the employers used to give bonus and old clothing to their employees on this day. After Christmas being wrapped up for next year, the retail businesses in Australia come with Boxing Day deals offering bucket load of savings.
Boxing Day deals offer more significant discounted deals because in order to get rid of an abundance of stock they bring scores of items in their sale section.

On 26th Dec 2018, the Boxing Day, drew 58 million visitors, 33% greater than Black Friday making it the biggest single retail day. eBay drew the highest number of visitors;3.7 million.
According to ARA Australian Retailers Association, Aussies spent $2.4 billion on Boxing Day compared to $2.3 billion in 2017.The Boxing Day bargains and deals were primary factor behind this spending. See some of these fabulous discounts:
Boohoo: 45% off dress, shoes and accessories.
Microsoft: $800 off select Razor Blade Laptops.
Prettylittlething: 40% off almost everything.
Myer: 50% off on home appliances, shoes and clothing.
The Iconic: up to 70% off sale clothing shoes and accessories, valid on selected styles from Nike, Ralph Lauren, Puma, Adidas etc.

Valentine Day-Feb 14th

The saying goes like this, “Love does not cost anything”, but Australians spend fortunes on this day on their loved ones. Australians spent record $1 billion on flowers, gifts and dates on valentine day in 2018.According to Commonwealth Bank’s data they had spent $23 million in 2017on valentine day. Out of $1 billion spending in 2018; a whopping $621 million was spent on travel and accommodation. Overall, men spend more than women buying up 83% of all flowers purchased on V-day.

According to a survey by an ecommerce website Picodi, Men spend as $174 on V-day gifts against, women who spend $81.

This valentine (2019), many promotions and coupons along with deals added romance and warmth in this event. Some of the worth mentioning deals are as follows:
eBay: 20% off selected items on V-day sale by applying code “passionate” at checkouts.
Serenata Flowers: Up to 33% off flowers +free shipping.
Tripadvisor: Bali Private villas from $214 per week.
Vayo Pearls: 15% off at store and with the code 30love 30% off.

Mother’s Day- Second Sunday of May

Australians celebrate mother’s day through family reunions and honoring the efforts and affection of their mums by giving gifts. In 2019, Mother’s day will fall on the 12th of May.
According to finders who surveyed 2085 Aussies in 2018, some very interesting revelations and predictions about mother’s day spending were made. Some of these are listed below:
Australians planned $75 to spend on gifts for their mums. The survey report predicted a sales volume on Mother’s day of $733 million. The estimated figure of mother’s day spending is however 25% less than what Aussies spent on Valentine day same year. Retailers arrange campaigns and promotions through sales, discount and deals for mother’s day shopping. Some of the best discount coupons and deals for Mother’s day 2018 were as follows:
Dell: 12% off orders above $1700 with Dell coupon.
Catch:74% off on underwear and dollar 130 cash back voucher.
Expedia: 35% off for booking at least for 5 nights. $30 off packages with Expedia Coupon codes.
Boohoo: $50 off on using Boohoo discount code.

Father’s Day

Celebrated on first Sunday of September, Father’s day is an event to show love and affection towards dads. This year it will fall on 1st September 2019.The Aussies celebrate Father’s day in September unlike USA and UK, where it is celebrated on third Sunday of June. The reason of this dissimilarity, according to Australia’s leading Consumer Psychologist Adam Ferrier, is “convenience”, as spring coincides with start of spring that is a perfect time to gift sporting, fishing and camping out items that are good dad gifts. 

In 2018, the projected father’s day average spend per gift was around $50.In 2017 the estimated spending on father’s day was $768 million which was expected to grow by 9% in 2018.Like Mother’s day, Retailers around Australia also grab the opportunity to promote their sale on Father’s day using deals, Coupons and discounts. See some of the best deals of 2018:
Crocs: 25% off on spending $80.
The Iconic: 15% off boots and $20 off first order.
MERCHANT: 40% off all outlet styles.
PACSUN:  Up to 50% off Men’s denim.
LNCC: 20% off selected items by using code.

The Exploding Growth Of On-Line Shopping

Australian on-line retail shopping is fast paced and is growing in leaps and bounds due to three driving forces; convenience, value and choice. According to Roy Morgan survey, released in June 2018, nearly 9.5 million Australian are shopping on-line (up by 590,000 in just 12 months).

Between 2017 and 2018, highest on-line shopping growth was witnessed in entertainment, Fashion and health and beauty products. Despite being the main domain of Tech Savvy shoppers, the trend is however fast becoming main stream. In 2018, Australians spent $20.3 billion on on-line shopping. Presently, 8 Australians out of ten, shop on line.
According to Statista, the ecommerce revenue in 2019 will reach a market volume of 21.2 billion and with an annual growth rate of 6.2%, it will reach to 26.9 billion in 2023.

Wrap Up

The Australian shopping craze on events is kicking into gear providing opportunities for businesses to witness surge in sales and improved customer base. On the other hand, the bargain hunters are able to grab more alluring opportunities to strike deals resulting in great savings. 
The shopping on striking discounts is now a year-round phenomenon and Aussies have well embraced this. The on-line shopping frenzy is also triggered by these events making shoppers more mature and smart, as they now make intensive research well ahead of an event and select the best deals .All this zeal has greatly benefited retailers and Australian shoppers, but the ultimate beneficiary is Australian economy.

Published on: December 18, 2020

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