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Please Don’t Cancel Your Visit to Australia Because of the Bushfires

Bushfires have devastated 17.9 million acres of land in Australia. Experts estimate that 500 million animals have died and many species are on the brink of extinction. 

To make matters worse, many travelers have canceled their tours or have cut them short. There’s a major slump in tourism and businesses are suffering as a result. 

Certain areas of the country are at risk and aren’t devoid of danger. However, these areas would need help from tourist to recover. Similarly, a big part of Australia is safe from the fires and hence could host tourists as of now. 

Entire communities in the country rely on tourism to earn their livelihood and it’s important for travelers to know the details of the fires. 

Some of the Major Cities are Unaffected by the Fires

Cities like Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne are operating normally. These frequently visited cities are unaffected from the fires.  Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham has repeated rebuked “exaggerated reach of the bushfires” which brings unnecessary harm to the country‘s tourism industry. The fire is concentrated in South-east of the country so tourists who’re sensitive to smoke should avoid areas around the region. 

You Can Stay Alert of the Situation

The information page on Tourism Australia gives real-time information on the fires and its impact on the popular tourist sites. It shows destinations that are impacted, not impacted or partially impacted. For instance, many of the sites in Queensland and Western Australia have been marked safe while many of the sites in New South Wales are shown as impacted slightly. 

Most Cruise Ships are still active

Australia's major cruise destinations are far away from the places of fire. However, around five itineraries have been adjusted to avoid some regional ports. According to the Australasia managing director of Cruise Lines International Association, most cruises are continuing as per the schedule and are unaffected from the overall situation.

Moderately Hit Place Need Your Support in Near Future

Many tourist spots in New South Wales and South Australia were hit by fires. Many have recovered and others are on the course on being rehabilitated. Australia is likely to offer packages to travelers that will visit the country once again. However, people should visit regardless and stand in solidarity with those who’ve lost their income to the fires. 

  • Blue Mountains: Currently, the Blue Mountains National Park is closed due to current alerts but if things go well, it would open soon. It’s an ideal place for a weekend trip due to the famous Three Sisters and a beautiful view of the mountains. 
  • Adelaide Hills: Famous for its wineries, Adelaide Hills region was temporary closed but has since then reopened. April-May is the perfect time to visit as wineries host a special celebration for the end of celebrations. 
  • Jervis Bay: Due to the ongoing fires, the south coast tourist hub has become a ghost town. While the National parks are closed till January, things seem to be getting normal on this coast. 
  • Wisemans Ferry: Another area hit by the fires was the beautiful Wisemans Ferry that’s an hour’s drive away from Sydney. With roads and National Parks being closed, tourism has taken a hit. However, it would open soon to the general public. 
  • Mogo Zoo: The heroic staff of Mogo Zoo stayed to protect an animal that couldn’t be during the fires. But as fate would have it, no animal was harmed. The zoo will reopen again and people from around the world should visit and pay tribute to the brave Mogo Zoo staff. 

Critically Hit Areas Need Your Support to Recover

If you’re planning a trip later in the year, the following areas that have been hit hard by the fire will need your support the most. 

  • Eden: One of the worst-hit areas of the bushfires, Eden needs all the help it can get to regain its past glory. Remember, that you’ll face certain difficulties as this beautiful area has been badly damaged by the fires. 
  • Narooma: The fires in Countegany and Clyde Mountain is keeping tourist at bay in Narooma. While the city itself is safe, the threat still exists. 
  • Bega: Dairy farms in the Bega lost around 800,000 liters of milk due to the fires. You can support this town by buying its product or paying them a visit later in the year. 
  • Kangaroo Island: One of the most beloved tourist spots in Australia, Kangaroo Island lost wildlife, land and infrastructure to the fires. The reconstruction has already begun and people are chiming in from the entire world to help. Some of the hotspots of this locality including Seal Bay, Penneshaw, Little Sahara and Seal Bay have already opened. 
  • Fingal Valley: The valley that’s adorned with the historic buildings, captivating waterfalls, and white gum forest lost 8,000 hectares. It’s in need of support. 
  • East Gippsland: On the east coast of Victoria, the region lost many homes to bushfires. Things could improve by the winter and that will be the time tourist should come flocking in. 

You Can Send Help Before Paying a Visit

Currently, officials are asking for cash rather than food, clothes and other goods. Following are some causes you can donate to:

The bushfires have devastated Australia like never before. This is the time the global community should come together and help in the relief efforts. In particular, the communities that depended on Australia's natural wonders for livelihood need all the support they can get.

Published on: December 23, 2020

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