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Faux Mustaches and Lion heads: Paris Couture Week ’23 Highlights

Paris is the birthplace of fashion and the fashion week is one of the most anticipated events in the realm of fashion. The fashion week in 2023 kicked off with the couture week, which was the subject of some bizarre and thought-provoking fashion statements.
From interesting spring/summer collections to the unique outfits many notable celebrities wore to the first event of Paris fashion week, the opening week had its fair share of highlights.
Let us take a deep dive into the highlights for the Paris couture week event, filled with glitz, glamour and apparently, Doja Cat’s mustache!

1. Kylie’s Lion Dress

The fourth most followed influencer really knows how to make an entrance that shifts all eyes on her, dawning an elegant strapless gown draped in midnight black, but that is not what caught everyone’s attention. It was the gigantic lion’s mask that really stood out.

The faux Lion head really caught everyone off-guard, and it normally would be seen as bizarre or simply strange for someone to accompany with. It was only something that a business powerhouse like her could pull off, and pull off she did!
She pulled off an incredibly bold look which was part of Schiaparelli’s collection that had not even debuted on the runway at that point and it's safe to say that she ate.
The creative genius behind the collection stated that this was one of the three dresses inspired by Dante’s Inferno, a very famous Italian fable which is part of the Divine Comedy.
The unreal headpiece was the centerpiece of this creation and, not to worry, as no animals were harmed in the making of the lion head, since only manmade materials were used in the creation of this vivid masterpiece.

2. Doja Cat’s Swarovski Crystals

Doja cat took the phrase “star-studded” to the next level during the couture week, as she arrived to the venue covered in Swarovski crystals from head to toe.

With her smash hit album “Planet Her”, which rose to become one of the most globally streamed albums on Spotify being the last album that she made before the event, she decided that it was only fair to pay homage to her work and embody the glitter.
She made a memorable entrance to the event with red makeup on and showered in shining crystals that made her the bell of the ball, quite literally!

Schiaparelli revealed on Instagram that all the crystals comprising of Doja’s appearance were applied by hand and a whopping 30,000 crystals were used to give life to the fashion statement.

Her outfit consisted of a smooth silky skirt that was hand knit, a red bustier and not to mention the star of the show which were the 30,000 crystals that took about 5 hours to apply!

3. Viktor and Rolf

Known for their love for everything dramatic, the fashion icons really know how to make an unforgettable impact on the runway with their upside-down creations.

The name says it all. The models walked on the runway dawning dresses that were worn from every side: sideways, diagonal and even completely upside down, with the hemline all over her face. 

4. Doja and Her Mustache

The queen of unconventional looks wowed everyone once again with a unique look. She wore whiskers to the event that resembled a mustache, paired with a goatee and synthetic eyelashes which drew the attention of the crowd. 

Final Words
All in all, the Paris couture event was filled with ravishing outfits, dramatic runway entrances and a plethora of unique fashion statements worn by stardom.
This was the perfect way for the fashion week to begin, and it made a lot of enthusiasts and fans of the industry look forward to what was to come in the future.

Published on: June 27, 2023

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