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35 Frugal Fun Hobbies For Budget-Conscious People

After a hectic day, full of busy schedules and dreaded pressure of meeting timelines, one needs some fun and amusement. But all people can’t afford the fun activities that come with expensive price tags. Those of us who belong to the Australian middle-class cannot go for scuba diving, golf, and ice sculpting because our budgets simply don’t allow. 
However, don’t get disappointed because there are frugal fun hobbies that provide enjoyments without straining one’s wallet.


Reading is a great hobby indeed. An absorbing novel, a fine collection of poetry, a wonderful autobiography or an informative travelogue can provide both knowledge and mental satisfaction to fatigued nerves after a tiring day’s schedule or a busy week. Joining a nearby library is an easy option. Utilizing the internet for reading e-books in the yet cozy ambiance of your home is another cheap fun activity that enlightens and entertains you. Lucky for you, the internet is filled with coupon codes that give you amazing discounts on your favorite books

Watch Movies

If you are a movie buff, you can amazingly enjoy watching your favorite classic or comedy movie to pass time. You can check out at your local library for new releases as well as classics of yore. Some the best timeless flicks are available for discounts codes throughout the web. 


Nothing can be more satisfying than becoming an acquaintance of nature. How delightful is the activity of growing new plants and maintaining greenery in your home or apartment? You can produce seasonal and ornamental plants arranging them in artistic ways. Knowing the intricacies of this art is great fun.


Fishing is undoubtedly an exciting and entertaining hobby. It is not always that expensive. You can make your lures and bait by getting on-line help. Many beginners will be pleasantly surprised to know that fishing can be started with equipment as low as $50.This price could go even lower with relevant promo codes. 

Learning A Musical Instrument:

Benjamin Disraeli once said, “Most people die with their music still locked up inside them.” Learning a musical instrument, therefore, is a good attempt to not only explore your potential but is also a soothing fun activity. One can do it without spending much. Getting good secondhand instruments through local bargaining websites and having free video lessons from YouTube and other resources is a good step, to begin with.

Yoga And Meditation:

Take out time for yoga and meditation as they give energy to your body and relax your muscles. Navigate internet resources for free lessons and tips. This way you can strengthen your mental faculties without spending any money.


Swimming is a packaged full of fun, excitement, and exercise. It helps you from tip to toe. It’s one of the frugal fun hobbies that will get you in shape. 


Searching for appropriate coupons is not only a cost-saving measure but is great fun as well. Navigating coupon websites and collecting discount codes for your desired future purchases is quite an interesting hobby of millions today. It costs you nothing but saves many bucks. Studies show that digital coupon redemption is on the rise and there’s no reason for you to lag behind. 

Chart Your Family Tree:

Online genealogical resources provide you opportunities to trace your family history and know your ancestors. This inexpensive research-based activity not only satisfies the intrinsic desire to know your lineage but also gives you a new perspective on self.

Play With Your Children:

Your children deserve quality time. You can teach them a lot while playing. Try to help them doing their academic assignments. Play games that sharpen their skills and enhance knowledge. This way you can inculcate healthy habits in your kids without spending a penny. 

Cook For Friends And Family:

Learn cooking skills from free online resources and prepare sumptuous food for kids and friends. Help your spouse in preparing Pizza, pasta or cookies. You can win the affection of your loved ones through their stomach and taste buds.

Play Indoor Games:

Indoor games are a great source for the enjoyment of kids and other family members. From indoor tennis to signature storytelling and puzzle piece hunt to basketball, there are indoor activities galore to energize and entertain you and family.


Cycling is good for your cardiovascular health. It is a low-cost hobby and is a good workout also. You can additionally obtain fabulous discounts for buying a bike by using discounts through coupons. 


To rebuild and restore old furniture is an exciting hobby. One can refurbish old furniture items by some woodworking and can sell those on a craigslist.


If you have a knack for creative writing, why not write columns, articles, stories, etc. for fun and some financial gain as well. Use the internet for creative writing tutorials and free spell/grammar check tools.

Learn A Language:

Learning a new language broadens your vision, enhances multitasking capabilities, and improves your brainpower. It is especially helpful if you are planning to visit the country of that language. Plenty of online resources help you learn a foreign language. Some coupon codes will also give you much-needed discounts on online language courses. 

Start A Blog:

Sharing your opinion and ideas about a favorite topic with others is a fabulous intellectual pursuit. If you have something to say disseminate it to the world through a blog. Besides being a tool for social networking it can raise some good money also.

Giving Tuition:

Why not use your knowledge and skill for some additional monitory gain via tutoring. Post your resume and credentials on a relevant website and parents or students will contact you. After a good start, you will likely get referrals and hence enhance your earning opportunities.


Running and brisk walking is very good for health. If you have a good pair of sneakers and a comfortable tracksuit you can start this exercise on a nearby track. This is inexpensive and is recommended by experts for cardiovascular health.


One does not need to be a professional photographer to satisfy his basic photography fondness. Your smartphone camera is just fine for a nice beginning. You can also try second-hand cameras. There are various free resources on the internet that teach you basic photography skills. Paid lessons are generally better as you will learn from a professional. You can even order these lessons with promo codes and get amazing discounts.


If you live near a forest, lake, coast or river, camping is a cool and nice option for spending a great time with friends. You can have great fun without spending much money.


To have good drawing skills is a precious gift from the god. It requires nice color pencils and a canvas to create either a copy of classics or produce something original. Best of all, this is one of the frugal fun hobbies that will generate profit if you prove to be skillful.


If you live near the coast, surfing is a thrill which you should not miss. You don’t require blowing hundreds of dollars on a wetsuit and can instead use a simple bathing suit. Similarly, beginners can have used surfboards. Since spring is just around the corner in Australia, loads of students are dusting off their surfboards and are heading to the beach. You should join in the fun.

Educate Yourself For Free: 

Internet is replete with free online courses and degrees. Improve your academic profile and enhance your skill level by joining a course in the area of interest or something that will likely improve your career growth.


Getting back to nature and observing its scenic beauty fills your heart with joy and peace. For doing it in an inexpensive manner all you need to do is to find a national or state park near you with walking trail. Most are free and some charge a meager fee.


Spending time for a social cause is highly soul-satisfying. Volunteer for homeless people, raise funds for needy and serve on community boards. You also polish your communication and interpersonal skills via volunteering.


Listening podcasts is a great hobby that combines fun and value. When exhausted of the whole day’s hectic schedule, you can sit comfortably and listen to podcasts covering a whole range of subjects, from self-improvement to topical news and parenting to entertainment. Popular podcasts hosts also give out promo codes of different products in their show, so there’s double value in this hobby for money savers. 

Attending Local Events:

Your local community may offer lots of events to attend and make acquaintances. This may include marathons, parades, festivals, free musical concerts, and talk shows, etc. You can also join a local club or social organization to avail more of such opportunities.

Geo Caching:

The real-world outdoor treasure hunting activity through GPS enabled devices is now a fun activity enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. There are more than 3 million active geocaches in 191 countries in all continents. So ride the bandwagon and start exploring treasures near you.

Play Free Online Games:

A fun activity to do free is to play free online games. There are plenty of these available on the internet. From solitaire to racing and crosswords to the bridge, there are games galore where you can pass your leisure time and blow off some steam.

Animal Husbandry:

Raising animals, especially birds or chickens for sale or consumption at home is a fun activity that is not too expensive but is emotionally rewarding.

DIY Carpentry:

Many people enjoy making fancy wooden things for household usage by simply using their basic carpentry skills. Besides being an amusing activity it actually saves you lots of bucks. So why not give it a try and of course you can get help from online resources.


Barbequing is an art that will make you popular in a short span of time if you make it delicious and spicy. So get some online tutorials and start the fun with some simple grill. If you’re worried about the price of the equipment, there are coupons of those products as well. 

Thrift Shopping:

Discovering designer’s costumes and cheap furniture from thrift stores is not only fun but it helps build you a cool wardrobe and furnish your apartment on a budget. You can find unique gifts and vintage items too. Since Australians spend their money rather carelessly when it comes to clothing, thrifting could be game changer for many people.

Finding Things For Free On The Internet:  


Right from free books and magazines to gifts and free products samples from companies, there is a lot of stuff available at zero dollars on internet. So make it a hobby to navigate searching such free items and enjoy. The internet also provides opportunities to find discount codes on a wide range of commodities.

Final Thoughts:

Making a complete list of frugal fun hobbies is nearly an impossible task as the list goes on. The point, however, is to have a mindset that is inquisitive about exploring cheap and fun ways to spend leisure time in activities that are creative and exciting.

Published on: October 01, 2019

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