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15 Practical Tips to Eat Healthy and Inexpensive Food While Traveling

No doubt, traveling enriches your life allowing you to explore different cultures and beautiful landscapes and experience new adventures, but sometimes it can also drain your wallet, particularly when eating out. Travelers often need help with eating on a budget while traveling. However, you may have delectable meals without going over budget with some preparation and having inside knowledge. In this article, we'll look at practical strategies that can help cut meal costs when traveling, so you may enjoy local delicious food items without breaking the bank.

How to save money on food while traveling? 

Honestly speaking, it’s not too difficult to save money on food while traveling you can easily practice this with some practical strategies. Let’s discuss some practical tips and tricks to clarify How to save money on food while traveling so that your next trip can be budget-friendly. 

1. Opt for Local Street Food 

Getting fully immersed in the local food scene is one of the finest methods to eat cheap while traveling. Look for lively marketplaces and street food vendors where you may get mouthwatering meals for a lesser price as compared to expensive restaurants. You can explore the local and cultural food items of your travel destinations. Further, this practice will give you a chance to mingle with local people and try real cuisines in addition to saving money. 
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2. Cook Meals for Yourself

Book accommodation with a kitchen if you are familiar with cooking as this is one of the best ways to save money on food while traveling. It’s beneficial not only for saving money but preparing your favorite meals on your travel journey. You can simply carry your groceries with you or purchase from any local market and enjoy all your meals prepared by yourself instead of dining out. 

3. Eat Complimentary Breakfast at the Hotel

Many hotels provide a complimentary breakfast to the people staying there. You can save money by starting your day with a substantial meal that is included in your accommodation cost instead of paying for breakfast elsewhere. Further, don't be afraid to ask about any exclusive discounts that include meal cards or other savings for nearby restaurants, allowing you to save money on food while traveling. 

4. Eat at Lunch Specials

Lunch specials are large discounts on evening menu items offered at many restaurants, particularly in Europe. If you are bothered by the thought of how to eat cheap food while traveling, then this is one of the best tips. For a little portion of what you would pay for the same dinner in the evening, you can receive a great afternoon supper. Since lunch specials and daily plates are typically 30–40% less expensive than supper prices, savvy travelers normally have their "nice" meal at lunch. 

5. Opt for Budget-friendly Food Items

Many people think that eating out is going to drain your wallet anyway, but that’s not true. Go and visit different cafes, restaurants, and dive bars near your location that locals prefer over tourists. Compare the prices and eat those meals which don’t cost high, frequently providing food at reduced costs. Eating appetizers or starter options can be a good choice. So, you can enjoy tasty meals without having to pay top dollar.

6. Prioritize Drinking Water Instead of Beverages

Prioritize drinking water instead of drinking packed juices and alcoholic beverages, as these can dramatically increase the cost of your meal. Choose water or other non-alcoholic beverages to go with your meals to save money on food while traveling. Carry your water bottle so you can easily refill water for free at many places. Further, it keeps you hydrated and healthy during travel. 

7. Make Use of Discounts and Coupons

When it comes to eating cheap while traveling, coupons and discounts can be a very helpful choice. Look online before you travel to find the best prices on local restaurants. Meal discounts are frequently substantial when using coupon websites like EMUCoupon. This amazing website shows you various discounts and coupons in the travel category. In addition, think about registering for dining clubs or loyalty programs that provide benefits like freebies or discounts at affiliated restaurants.

8. Share Restaurant Meals with Other Travelers

Restaurant serving sizes are often larger for a person, wasting both money and food. Sharing meals with someone else can therefore be a smart decision. Ask the savvy travelers with you if any of them are ready to share a meal with you. There will be less food waste, which is good for the environment, and you'll also save money on meals when traveling.

9. Pack Your Snacks While Traveling 

Consider bringing your favorite travel-friendly snacks to avoid giving in to pricey airports. Before going make sure you have plenty of portable foods, such as trail mix, granola bars, chopped vegetables, and fresh fruits. This is how to save money on food while traveling ensuring that you always have wholesome, healthy foods on hand when hunger strikes. Having food on hand can also save your sanity during lengthy flights, and bus rides, by avoiding the need to pay exorbitant prices for snacks at popular tourist destinations. Having an ample supply of snacks will ensure that you are ready for any trip without draining your wallets for food. 

10. Prioritize Eating Simple Meals

Seek for recipes that are less likely to come with a steep price tag and that use products that are acquired locally. Even simple meals like soups, salads, and sandwiches can provide a sense of the local cuisine and are frequently available at moderate prices. You can enjoy the genuine flavors of your destination without going over budget by staying away from elaborate or gourmet foods, which also helps you save money. You may enjoy filling meals that are good for your health and you can eat on a budget while traveling. 

11. Shop at Local Markets

If you want to eat cheap food while traveling go to the local standard supermarkets and get guidance from the locals on what they eat, and how much they spend on food. Purchase partially cooked food items that save time in the kitchen and are less expensive than getting food delivered. Some people adore frozen foods and pre-made food like bakery items such as bread, jams, fruit and vegetable salads. 

12. Avoid Costly Airport Meals

Whether you're craving a fancy sit-down or a quick bite, you can count on spending a lot more money when dining at the airport. Avoiding dining at airports is one of the simplest ways to save money there. However, it's not as simple as it sounds when you have a lengthy layover but it is still conceivable. Make sure you eat well before your flight and pack extra snacks in your carry-on to last you through to the other side of the airport. Just make sure not to bring any food that could be mistaken for liquids, or you could have to give them up at security. 

13. Don’t Eat at tourist destination Restaurants

Food is often more expensive at tourist destination hotels as they aim to earn more from the tourists, so avoid dining there. Look for nearby restaurants where you can go easily and try dining there. Furthermore, keep asking locals about cheaper places to eat. This strategy can help you significantly save a lot of money while traveling and gives you a chance to discover different cultures while spending time with locals. 

14. Join Loyalty Programs in Restaurant

Restaurant reward programs are truly valuable for frugal and cheap travelers almost all over the world. Even if you're not a frequent customer, make it your habit to sign up for every restaurant reward program available. As a result, you will occasionally receive freebies through email or push notifications. However, if fortune favors you, you may be eligible for a standing discount. This trick will eventually help you eat on a budget while traveling.

15. Practice Intermittent Fasting 

A strategy many travelers use to save money on food is intermittent fasting. Your body will have more time each day to detox and thoroughly process the stuff you've eaten if you do this. In real words, this implies that you can only eat for nine hours out of the day and fast for the other twelve hours. You simply need lunch and dinner, plus perhaps a snack per day, after those nine hours of eating as much as you like.

Finally, exploring the local food scene while traveling around the globe doesn't have to be a burden on your pocket. You can experience the true spirit of your location without overspending if you have these clever tips in your toolbox. Discover a world of flavor that is just waiting to be discovered, from appreciating the genuineness of street cuisine to appreciating the simplicity of inexpensive restaurants. Just be mindful while spending on food and don’t forget to check coupons and promo codes before your next trip on EMUCoupon.com. So, we hope now your mind is clear about how to eat cheap food while traveling. Go ahead, relish each taste, and let the flavors of travel enhance your experience without having to worry about becoming broke. These tips will help you for sure on your next trip, so go and enjoy traveling and good food!

Published on: March 14, 2024

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