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Planning to Buy a Jacket? Read this Before Buying

Winter is around the corner. It is time to invest in a jacket. Adding a jacket to your wardrobes therefore is a wise decision as it will protect you from cold, wind, snow and rain. Buying a jacket is a long term investment because you reap its benefits over a long period of time. 

Imagine how pleased you will feel when you find your clothes dry in a downpour after removing your jacket. And this happens again and again and years after years provided you have bought a nice and durable jacket of high quality. Besides getting protection from cold, you can make a style statement also with a trendy jacket. While jackets for men differ from jackets for women –the general principles for buying quality upper-wear remains the same. 

Getting a good jacket for high comfort level in harsh weather requires some considerations before you finally decide for one. In this article, I will describe some important points to consider while shopping a jacket. However, before that, let’s be aware of the different categories of jackets first:
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For a woman that breathes fashion and a man who loves style, it is a must to be aware of categories of jacket. Depending upon using it on different occasions and styles, a jacket may be categorized as follows:

  • Leather Jacket: 

Made from hides of different animals, a leather jacket is a classic and traditional outerwear which never goes out of fashion. Generally the leather is dyed in black or multiple shades of brown but now leather jackets are available in vast variety of other colors also. You can buy such jackets for reasonable prices with a Glassons promo code.  

  • Bomber Jacket: 

Having its roots in US Airforce where it was worn by Flight crew members, this is now commonly worn by all men and is the most stylish buy. It is a very convenient outerwear owing to its saggy armholes and elasticated bands at the waist and cuff.

  • Denim Jacket: 

It is undoubtedly the most versatile outerwear that is paired well with most types of apparels. Also called a Jean jacket or Trucker jacket this iconic outerwear is a casual apparel of both man and woman.

  • Quilted Jacket:

 A quilted jacket has insulation provided by internal or external squares. Quilting refers to run of stitching that combines two layers of fabric. Best suited for outdoors during spring, these jackets are now widely used for classy and edgy look as well as comfort. They are also extremely practical jackets for kids. 

  • Blouson Jacket:

The blouson owes its name to its feature of blousing over the waist. The cuffs and waistband is made from an elasticated material causing the jacket to blouse over these areas.

Now I will come to the factors which you must consider before buying a jacket. Have a look on some of the most significant elements you must explore in a good buy:


One of the most important consideration for choosing a jacket is its quality, as this factor is responsible for its durability. Remember one golden principal;” Never compromise on quality for just the look”. Substituting price for quality is not necessary especially with offers such as 10% off Cotton On available online. In any case, the quality of material is the foremost factor in a jacket. The workmanship is also an important consideration and it is best manifested in stitching and finish. Check the following: 

  • Stitching is seamless. It should not have any unstitched piece of leather or fabric. Also the jacket must be free from loose threads.
  • Look is nice. In case of leather jacket also check the sheen.
  • Also make a function test of closures, buttons, zipper and other accessories especially in winter jackets.


While buying a jacket, one should select one that is most appropriate in size. I.e neither too loose nor too tight. Use the following guide: 

  • If you have a large mid-section select a jacket with classic Drop 6”fit.
  • If you are in good shape and want a slender fit around waste use slim Drop 8” fit.
  • For those having particularly slim waist with large chest and shoulders, the appropriate jacket size is extra slim is Drop 10” fit.


The price is a very important element in the buying process of any product let alone a jacket. One has obviously to check his/her budget before buying. While selecting, you must always make comparison between brands and same type of products. This is extremely to do in online jacket shopping. Buying a jacket that make a bend in your wallet is not a wise decision if you know that a little bit effort in searching may lead to something of reasonably good quality at an affordable price. 

Thanks to coupons like upto 50% off on Gluestore, one can grab fascinating discounts. If you are an online shopper, you can also find enticing end-of-season or clearance sales on clothing items, where getting a quality jacket with sizeable money saving is not a problem.


For fashionistas and stylish men alike, there are jackets galore that help making a style statement. Jacket for men generally have broader shoulder and backs. Meanwhile, jackets for women are more generously cut. Regardless of gender, you should be aware of what is currently trending. Always seek the most versatile styling piece that is relevant to fashion in vogue. Jackets for winter season need to be of lightweight puffy variety which is an ever-green trend. 

If you want yours to last for years, a classic leather jacket has a definite staying power. A biker, bomber or trucker is there for many seasons because these styles don’t go out of fashion.


The type of clothing is also very important for selecting a jacket for specific purpose. For instance a waterproof snow sports jacket will not be a good choice for daily walking. Depending on when to use a jacket, the fabric type may vary from light weight (Jacquard, tweed) to medium weight (denser wool material like Cashmere).The light weight fabrics may be used for cool springs and summer nights while medium weight fabrics are suitable for moderate temperature. For extremely cold weather you will need a heavyweight material like wool and fur. 


Insulation is a basic requirement of a jacket for cold weather. Primarily there are two types of insulation. I.e. synthetic and down. While the former is obtained from fine filaments of Polyesters, spun together to create pockets the latter is derived from waterfowl.

One should select a jacket that is both insulated and humid. It is no use of getting warmth with lots of sweating.


The color of a jacket also is an important factor to consider because it adds to your style and look. Since technology has now so developed that both fabrics and leather now come in a variety of colors. The black is an all-time favorite for a macho look. Jackets for kids should be a bit more colorful. The grey and different shades of brown however, pair well with all types of outfits. The ultimate choice should be the color one may carry easily.


The comfort a jacket provides depends on breathability, stretch and ease of movement. The best jacket is one that keeps you warm, cool, dry and dry, no matter where you go. Thanks to technology, now lightweight and waterproof varieties of jackets are available on shelves of stores more abundantly than ever before. You can get many of these with discounts through Decjuba coupon codes. Remember, more moisture creates less breathability. You should therefore choose a fabric that is moisture absorbing. 


A jacket when not worn should be easily packable providing you space in suitcases or bags. This is a really important element to consider when you travel. Therefore choose one that is lightweight and compressible without compromising on quality. If you’re buying jacket online, look for these features in the product description.

Published on: October 15, 2020

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