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The Man Shake: Healthy Meal Replacement For Aussies

Being fit and healthy in today’s life that is full of hectic schedules and hustle bustle is a great concern of every man let alone Aussies. When it comes to fitness regime for men, proper diet with required nutrition plays the most vital role. The Man Shake is a dietician formulated meal replacement with high quality minerals, fiber, vitamins and protein along with a fat burning formula to keep men slim-fit, energetic and healthy. 

Though the market is replete with products claiming to be healthy meal replacement shakes, The Man shake stands out owing to its quality ingredients that are best suited for a man’s calorie budget of a day.

The Man Shake Journey-A brief history of the brand:

It all started with the retirement of Adam McDougall (Winner of 1997 Grand Final with the New Castle Knights) from his Rugby League football career in 2011. Losing his best mate Dennis, who died of a heart attack in 2012, became his motivation to start the Man shake. The following two factors influenced him most:

  • After The death of Dennis, he had a determination to create a difference in the lives of men
  • To find something that he could eat to remain fit without spending hours in the Gym or eating on the run with bad stuff. 

In his pursuit of a healthy diet he created the Man Shake that became a great success story. Launched in 2013, the brand is now acknowledged as one of the best meal replacement shakes for men.

How and Why the Man shake is best for health?

The Man shake is scientifically formulated to help men lose weight and keep it off. It is developed with the consultation of food scientists, nutritionists, dietitians and physicians. Here is how it works so well for men’s health.

  • Boosts Metabolism: The HCA, green tea extract and a special L Carnitine blend increase the metabolism rate to give you energy and immunity.
  • FAT Burning formula: The ingredients are intelligently selected to boost fat absorption process and help men losing weight easily. That is why it is one of the best meal shake replacements for weight loss.
  • It provides only the best proteins and fats: The whey proteins used in the Man shake is obtained from Australian grass fed cows unlike its competitors that use cheap imported milk powder. The healthy fat comes from MCTs that help improve blood sugar regulation.

Who needs the Man Shake?

Honestly speaking, every man over 16 needs to use the Man Shake. Also since the prices are too affordable, almost all segments of male customers can buy it easily. The Man shake discount code makes it more feasible in terms of money saving. Having said this, following categories of men must definitely try this:

  • Those who feel tired and sluggish.
  • Men so busy to have exercise or eat well.
  • Those who want to lose weight but are also sick of dieting.
  • All diabetic men who want to have a healthy life. (It contains 88 spoons less sugar than other products claiming to be healthy meal replacement shakes).

How to save extra on the Man Shake:

The Man shake is already too affordable as many enticing deals with sizeable discounts are offered by the brand itself through its website for online shoppers. However to satisfy the deal and bargain hunters The Man Shake ,offers various discount codes and coupon codes through trusted coupon sites also. Those who want to get coupons for healthy meal replacement cannot resist the money saving options of the man shake.

The Man Shake coupon code can provide you variety of discount options like:

  • Getting one item free on buying 2 or three similar items.
  • Site wide discount in percentage terms.
  • Black Friday or cyber Monday deals through The Man shake discount code.

The High Quality Ingredients:

There are some very amazing ingredients packed in the Man Shake that provide stamina, energy and top level of fitness to users. That’s the reason why the challenge of Man Shake for fitness and energy cannot be met by others claiming to be healthy meal replacement shakes. Check out what each bag of a Man Shake (15 serves) carry:

  • Protein: Equivalent to 70 eggs.
  • Fiber: Equal to 55 whole meal bread slices.
  • Vitamin B6 and B 12: Equal to 104 carrots and 77 chicken breasts respectively.
  • Minerals: Calcium (Equal to 19.5 glasses of skimmed milk), Iron (Equal to 66 cups of spinach) and Magnesium (equal to 68 oranges).

The Performance of Man Shake-Some before and after results:

The Best meal replacement shakes must translate their claims into practical results. The Man Shake does it in a great way as there are number of cases where marked improvement is witnessed after using the shake. Some cases are listed below:

  • Garry from Queensland Australia had a workplace injury in 2014 which made him to have a sedentary life style with poor food choices and a massive weight gain. He not only succeeded in losing 67 kg weight in 2 years (July 2017 to November 2019) but got rid of sugar cravings and high blood pressure as well.

  • Duane had gained much weight due to Anti Migraine tablets (these have known side effect of increasing weight).He used many healthy meal replacement shakes but of no vain. Finally seeing the Man Shake Face Book page, he decided to give it a go. He says that he lost 30 Kgs, rebuilt his self-esteem and dropped his pants size down from 107 to 92.Incredible results; aren’t they?

Published on: December 11, 2019

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